Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Do You Know?

Adopting again is always a topic for us in our home. It's something we discuss, consider, pray about and agonize over. We wonder if God has completed our family (we are okay with that if He has!) and we often wonder if He has another little person or two to add. So many factors, so many decisions.

Our hearts are overwhelmed with love for the three entrusted to us and we feel blessed. We are okay with having all one gender (and don't know if we would specify a gender if/when we do adopt again). And we know that each of our sons is an amazing gift - one we could never have imagined!

But I guess there is a part of us that feels that our family isn't quite complete. We still have the desire to adopt, to support others in adoption, and to advocate for children here and abroad. We have pondered beginning the process again or at least updating our homestudy and profile at our agency and seeing what God has in store. The Truth is: I'm terrified to do that - it could take a long time (most likely) or it could go way more quickly than we anticipate. :) Regardless, we know that if God has another little one for our family, we will be ready and willing.

We are considering how He might provide for another adoption - honestly, we are still recovering from the last three (well, especially the very quick last one!) and while we have the heart and desire to adopt again, we simply don't have the resources right now. And so we continue to talk, pray, and seek. Is there another one? When is the right time? Domestic or Foster or International? How will we possibly fund another adoption? How will we know when we are done?

So many questions. The answer thus far has been to wait. And so we are - patiently most days, somewhat impatiently on others - saving a little here and there, as we are able, towards adopting again. Through it all, we trust that it will be the right time, the right place, the right (no, perfect!) child(ren) for us.   

In the mean time, we are enjoying our family of five!

Thanks to Kevin Swan for taking this photo!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby

We are experiencing quite the storm here. It started late afternoon on Monday and made for a brutal commute home for me - the roads weren't that bad but traffic was dreadful! Andrew and I were both home from work today - Andrew worked from home and I schooled the kids after catching up on some sleep (I had a sleepless night on Monday night). I would prefer this storm to be snow but so far, it has been ice. The wind is gusting and expected to get worse before better. We are hoping and praying that the power stays on - we have friends that have not been so fortunate thus far. We are as prepared as we can be. The kids are a little stir crazy - hopefully we can reign that in with some organized activities tomorrow. :) 

It seems I feel especially domestic when we are snowed in and I always make soup. Today is was beef vegetable and then I made homemade noodles for chicken and noodles tonight. I baked cookies and muffins last night and then made another batch of muffins tonight. It was fun experimenting with a new recipe - I made them entirely healthy - oatmeal, whole wheat flour, a little white flour & honey. The first batch had craisins and the second batch blueberries. I like the blueberry ones best but both were pretty good.

Even now, I hear the freezing rain and sleet starting in earnest again. I've checked in with various members of my family and everyone is doing okay. My sister way up north is getting a blizzard while the rest of us locally have the ice storm of 2011.

We'll see what tomorrow brings. Welcome, February.

On another note, training for the half has begun. I was able to get out and walk (jogged a little) about 1.5 miles yesterday before the storm hit. So far, the rest of this week will have to be indoor training. :)