About Me

I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend. Blogging is a creative and therapeutic outlet for me. I write about family, adoption, work, interests, and also some of my thoughts on different subjects.

I am passionate about adoption and have a heart for orphans all over the world. In May 2010, I travelled back to Kazakhstan (the birthplace of my oldest two) for a mission trip. It was an amazing and unforgettable trip.

One of our deepest desires is that our children will have a heart for the world. As a family, we enjoy learning about different cultures and areas around the world - I like incorporating traditional food into those studies. We are currently homeschooling using a classical method - we take it one year at a time.

I also work part-time as a dental hygienist - helping to grow and develop a brand-new practice. It is rewarding and challenging and part of what God has called me to.

My family is very close and I constantly feel blessed having such a large (and fun!) support network.

100 THINGS (perhaps interesting)
1.    I became a Christian at the age of 3.
2.    I'm the oldest of 7 kids.
3.    I've been a dental hygienist since 2001.
4.    I've lived in 4 states.
5.    I've moved 10 times.
6.    My husband is 4 1/2 years older than me.
7.    I tell him he robbed the cradle.
8.    We married in 2002.
9.    He completes me.
10.  We knew we wanted to adopt before we married.
11.  We didn't know it would be so soon.
12.  We planned to have biological and adopted children.
13.  God had another plan.
14.  I am passionate about adoption.
15.  It is the most significant life-changing event of my life.
16.  The world looks different to me now.
17.  I hope to be a mom again through adoption.
18.  One of my sons had an unrepaired cleft lip and palate.
19.  It was adorable to me.
20.  I worked at a living history museum.
21.  In costume.
22.  It's the most fun job I've ever had.
23.  I really dislike doing dishes.
24.  I love to cook and bake.
25.  I was president, secretary, recreation leader, and vice president of my 4-H club.
26.  In different years.
27.  I was secretary/treasurer of my dental hygiene class.
28.  I don't floss every day.
29.  I actually don't like to floss but don't tell anyone. :)
30.  I don't think you can ever have enough hand sanitizer.
31.  Parenting is the most difficult and rewarding calling.
32.  I love chocolate.
33.  And coffee.
34.  And ice cream.
35.  And fruit.
36.  I used to be a size 4.
37.  I'm not anymore.
38.  It's okay.
39.  I create recipes.
40.  Growing herbs is one of my hobbies.
41.  I've used cloth diapers.
42.  Because I believe in environmental conservation and stewardship.
43.  I thought I wanted to be a judge.
44.  Sandra Day O'Conner was my inspiration.
45.  I could never have been a judge.
46.  I love to entertain.
47.  Planning the menu and favors is my favorite.
48.  I have 14 cousins.
49.  I'm still close to many of them and their spouses.
50.  I also love cheese.
51.  I rub my feet together as I fall asleep.
52.  My kids are the greatest.
53.  And cutest - I can say that, they don't look like me. :)
54.  Pedicures make me happy.
55,  I edit my writing about 10 times before posting and then about 5 more times after. :)
56.  I don't like to talk on the phone.
57.  I only like to talk to my family and close friends.
58.  Laundry isn't my favorite.
59.  But I love clean clothes.
60.  I dream of travelling.
61.  I've been to Scotland, Belize, Kazakhstan, Mexico, the Bahamas, Hong Kong, China, and some other places.
62.  I lived in Florida for a year.
63.  I loved it!
64.  Moving sounds fun to me.
65.  Only in theory.
66.  Watching my kids sleep is one of the most peacful and beautiful things.
67.  Imagining my life without my kids makes me want to cry.
68.  I've never really been an animal person.
69.  But I've changed a little.
70.  And I love my dog.
71.  I love to camp.
72.  U2 is my favorite band.
73.  I took piano lessons for 12 or 13 years.
74.  Our kids take lessons now.
75.  I love to play on occasion.
76.  I also played the trumpet.
77.  I wish I had stuck with it.
78.  I also played the trumpet.
79.  We moved into my parents old house.
80.  We have lots of plans for it.
81.  I was homeschooled.
82.  And I was socialized.
83.  We "built" a house in 2004.
84.  It was a great experience.
85.  I love going to the Farmer's Market.
86.  I don't like gooseberries.
87.  I love to read.
88.  I devoured books as a kid.
89.  I would read several per day.
90.  These days, I'm doing well to finish one in a couple of weeks.
91.  Green is my favorite color.
92.  I dream of publishing my own cookbook.
93.  I kind of want to be The Next Food Network Star.
94.  But I actually don't like public speaking.
95.  I used to love acting.
96.  Now it kind of terrifies me.
97.  I'm in my 30s.
98.  I think age and life experience have made me more reserved.
99.  I'm quieter and less social.
100.That said, I love my family and friends.