Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cherry Pie...

Another Memorial Day has come and gone.  The annual Cummings family reunion was successful and gigantic.  There must have been at least 100 people…1/2 of which were children!  Seriously, one little boy asked me if he could have a cupcake and I said he had to ask his mom…he asked where his mom was and honestly, I didn’t even know who he belonged to.  Such is the gathering.  Every year, there are many announcements and introductions.  We only do this once a year with all the great-aunts & uncles, 2nd cousins etc.  In our immediate extended family alone, there will be at least 5 babies and 1-2 weddings before the next Memorial Day.

Our day started early.   I headed to the grocery store at 7:30 to pick up things for the pitch-in picnic.  I decided to make 2 cherry pies in addition to some other items.  The pies went in the oven about 8:45 – plenty of time for them to come out and cool a bit before transporting them to Francesville Park (1 ½ hours away).  They smelled great – cherry is one of my favorite pies.  When they were done…they were pretty soupy but I figured they would thicken as they cooled, as I’ve made the recipe several times.  By the time we needed to leave, I realized they were a bit of a disaster – still very soupy and messy.  We put one in a box and one in a roasting pan to prevent the mess leaking in the car.  I worked to arrange the back – Andrew also worked to arrange the back…after me. :)  

We headed out and didn’t make it more than 2 minutes and 2 turns when we heard a crash in the back.  I flipped out (just a little) and we pulled over.  The long and the short is that the re-arranging had left the veggie tray on top of the cooler and when we turned the corner it fell on top of one of the pies.  So much for my idea to take 2 pies!  There was pie everywhere and a few veggies mixed in.  We pulled out spoons and between Liz, Luke, Andrew and me we probably ate half the pie or more at 10:30 a.m. – a communal pie.  Andrew was in the doghouse for awhile…but really how can you stay mad when you get to eat an appetizer! :)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Say What?

What’s in a name?  This age old question has presented itself to countless people in every generation.  And still we ponder.  As our “due date” approaches, Andrew and I have been going back and forth on names.  Last night, we resorted to the internet in search of Russian and Kazakh names (we intend for one of their names to be from that area of the world).  We selected random girls names and random boys names.  There are many, many, many names that should never be used. :)

We came across this name: Diarrea.  We both started laughing but I quickly assured Andrew that it must be pronounced Dee-Aria.  It is Greek in origin and Andrew’s boss is of Greek descent so he sent an e-mail to Greg asking for the pronunciation etc.  Andrew received a response that unfortunately did not confirm my assurances…rather it is pronounced exactly as it looks.  Greg advised us not to use this name.  We, however, are intrigued…does anyone actually have this name here in the U.S.?

Alas, our search has ended for now.  And don’t worry, the name Diarrea hasn’t made our short list. :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

A Little Respect, Please...

It’s official…I am now a precinct committeeman (woman, whatever!).  My first official act of business was to appoint Andrew my vice-precinct committeeman.  On Saturday, I was named to the position by the Chairman of the Hendricks County Republican Party.

My youngest sister thinks this is not a good thing and that I should not succumb to a mainstream party but should become a Libertarian (I explained that this was not possible as I don’t agree with them on some very important issues) or an Independent.  I informed her that I was going to try and make a difference in the GOP by helping plan the best political events & parties ever! (JK)  

Anyway, I will be up for election in May 2008 so I have a couple years to plan my campaign strategy for this obviously highly coveted office. :)  I serve in Lincoln Township.  So, if you want to work the polls, pass out literature, meet the candidates (okay, not yet), register voters, vote as a deceased person so you can vote more times :), or anything else political, let me know.  I get my ideas from Julia Carson…now that’s a real-life political heroine for today. :)

Seriously though, I look forward to serving the county in this way.  This is my return to politics after several years of nothing…oh, I did vote sometimes. :)    


Well, our internet has been spotty, at best, lately.  I have a couple of things to share from the past couple of weeks.  Two things happened to me that have never happened before and I hope never happen again.

First, I was hit on……..by a woman.  Some may dispute this and indeed I, too, have tried.  Here are the events in no particular order:  she looked into my eyes numerous times, giggled at everything, complimented my style of scrubs (effusively) – I mean, it’s scrubs, and when I asked her if she had any questions before the Dr. came in, she pointed to a picture and said, “Is that your dog?”  It was implied and I think quite clear that I was asking about dental questions.  Coincidence?  Perhaps, but there is no denying that I never want to see that patient again.  She made me very uncomfortable.  Giggle, giggle. :)    

Second and perhaps most disturbing and yet strangely touching, a patient came in and told me that she needed to tell me something.  I said okay and then was surprised by the following conversation.  The interchange went something like this:

Pt:  I’m sorry if I was a little strange the last time I was here.

Me:  That’s okay.  (wracking my brain…I didn’t remember anything unusual)

Pt:  You see, I thought you died.

Me:  (Speechless)

Pt:  My co-worker came back to the office after her appointment and said that the girl who cleans teeth had died and I cried for 3 days.  I thought it was you but I can’t ever remember your name.

Me:  (still a little speechless)  Oh!  I’m fine; do you mean JulieAnn?

Pt:  Is that the other girl?

Me:  She worked here a few years ago and was killed by a drunk driver…it was very sad.  I went to school with her.

Pt:  Did I see her?  Did you work with her?

Me:  I don’t think you’ve seen her and I actually took her place.

Pt:  Well, I thought it was you and I was so upset and thought I should call or come in.  That’s why I didn’t come in for awhile.  Last time I came, I was so surprised when you came out to get me because I thought you had died.  That’s why I was quiet.

Me:  (at a complete loss for words and completely not believing I just had this conversation) Well, thank you for caring!

Pt:  I’m glad you are okay!

How strange.  It really makes you think.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

How Often Do You Go to the Dentist?

Alaina and I were talking the other day about how often different people go to the dentist. So we're taking a poll (and as far as I know, no one can tell how you voted, so be honest!)

What I Missed Last Night

Yesterday (Thursday) my firm had oral arguments all day. Three attorneys from our office plus two co-counsel from California argued for our firm, plus several more attorneys, myself included, attended and helped with the arguments. When it was finally complete, several of us discussed our reflections and reactions from the day over drinks and peanuts. I stayed as long as most of the attorneys, but three - G. and the two California co-counsel - were still talking when I left to come home for Bible Study with the high school kids.

This morning G. told me I missed quite the dinner last night. It turns out that after I left, he and our California co-counsel were joined by an old friend of G from Colorado. They went to a fancy steak restaurant for dinner, and here this old friend picked up the whole tab, three fine bottles of wine and steaks all around. They went to a jazz bar and then an Irish pub, all courtesy of the old friend. I guess it was quite a good time, and I instantly wished I could have gone with them.

But then, as I thought about it more, I'm very thankful I was where I was. As the eight young people and Alaina could tell you, I was rather excited last night about the passage we were discussing (as well as the insights the kids had, too!). Hyper, even, some might say. On fire for God's Word, I hope. But what a delightful evening it was here. I tell the kids often how much we enjoy having them here and discussing the Word and life with them, and it was as terrific as always last night. We laughed a lot, too, sharing jokes and I know not what all.

Afterwards we played some games, including one Alaina's grandparents taught us and which has become a favorite of mine and several of the young people. It was so much fun, and in the midst of it, something happened that got us all laughing; I laughed so hard my chest hurt. (I’ll spare the details to prevent embarrassment :)

After the stress of this week drafting briefs, preparing for oral arguments, and sitting through them, I can't imagine anything which was better for me than the time in the Word and playing games (and laughing) with these incredible young people!

Random Thought for the Day

Have you ever thought about the fact that some artificial flavors – say, for example, banana and watermelon – really don’t taste anything like the actual fruits? I noticed this last night while enjoying a banana Laffy Taffy. While I really like both of these artificial flavors in various candies, I don’t believe they resemble the real thing at all. Would you agree?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Untitled :)

Here are a few random things from my day/week in no particular order:

  1. It’s a small world. Yesterday, an old friend from college e-mailed me…it’s been at least 3 years since we’ve had any communication and longer since I’ve seen her. Today, I went to the wrong polling place (used to be right!) and ran in to an old friend from Conner Prairie whom I haven’t seen in probably 5 yrs. He lives in the south part of our subdivision and is actively involved in the Republican Party! Both were wonderful, completely unexpected surprises!

  2. A patient stated that the escalated violence at Lafayette Square is President Bushs’ fault (if I understood correctly)…I wasn’t sure how much to say. He continued to criticize the Republicans and said that he’s glad people are realizing that George Bush is the worst president this country has ever had. I kept my mouth shut, politics are a bit off limits at the office. :)

  3. I love Costco! My family laughs because I’m always saying things about it. We just joined a few weeks ago and the newness hasn’t worn off yet. :) They not only give the best samples at any time of the day, but they have great deals! I am able to get organic food and great produce. Andrew isn’t sure if it’s saving us money yet. :)

  4. I voted (Josh you should be proud…I haven’t voted in a primary for…I’m embarassed to say, I don’t remember). Basically, I knew 2 people to vote for and winged the rest. If you were outside the poll handing out literature and were a republican, you got my vote.

I’m having one of those weeks where I just feel old. Perhaps it’s my birthday around the corner and the realization that 30 is coming faster than I want (no, not this year) or maybe it’s running into people from a different part of my life. Whatever it is, it’s making my week strange! That’s it for now! I’ll try not to make it so long between posts!