Monday, March 14, 2011


Andrew and I celebrated nine years last week.
Nine years since we said, "I do" and pledged our lives and love.
My man is amazing.
He is so loving and kind and considerate and supportive.
Far more than I deserve.
I am blessed.
And he is the greatest dad ever to our sweet sons.

Thursday, March 03, 2011


A couple of days ago, one of our sons shared with me his plan "when he grows up" to bring home 10 children "from where the earthquake was." A little over a year later and he still remembers and talks about the children and people of Haiti. His heart is big. He told me he wants to be their family (and he has told us who the mom [ie who he will marry] will be, but I'll not share that right now :)). I'm blown away by his desire and "simple" plan to bring home 10 kids. He feels there is a need and he wants to meet it. He longs to give children a family "who don't have one." He talks to us about it fairly regularly and has for about two years.

How can we not consider adding more children to our family? He is such an example to us and challenges our thinking (and he lobbies hard for more sisters & brothers :)). And while I know his ideas and plans will likely change, I also know that we appreciate his love, concern, thoughtfulness and care for others. He knows, in a way Andrew and I never can, what it's like to not have the love and nurture of a family. So, we are challenged. We are blessed. And we are open. 

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A Milestone

I am quite sick today and have been trying to get some rest in between schooling etc. And so I asked my older boys if they thought they could make themselves some lunch. Titus was already asleep beside me - really none of us are feeling very well. They asked what they could have and I suggested PB & J which they readily agreed that they could make. I stayed upstairs in bed and let them go downstairs. I could hear them making their lunch and talking to each other - sweet in and of itself. And then maybe 10 minutes later, Patrick came to my room with a peanut butter sandwich and a tall glass of milk. I nearly cried. It was one of the sweetest, most thoughtful things. And he returned with another sandwich and glass of milk for Titus after he awakened.

Patrick has such a servant's heart. He is great at seeing the needs of others and lately, we've seen him growing by leaps and bounds in his attitude and kindness. I thanked him and then I thanked him again. It meant so much to this tired, sick (and yet, hungry) Mom. So not only did the boys successfully make lunch, Patrick went above and beyond and blessed me.

Oh how I love my boys. What sweet sons.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Hungry Boys

Seriously y'all (yes, I just said that :)), the boys are eating us out of house and home. How is this possible? They are all 5 and under. And yet, some days they eat way more than us. I can't complain though - they are, for the most part, adventerous eaters. We present every meal as delicious and we try to never form an opinion for them (ie "You won't like that."). They are increasingly enjoying things that I never would have imagined them liking and I'm very thankful. However, I absolutely cannot imagine what the teenager years will be like...forget college funds, we need food funds! :) Meanwhile, I am working hard to keep them full.

I know, I know, I drop in just for a minute to tell you that. :) But it's what's happening around here. In non-interesting happenings: we are all fighting very nasty head colds.