Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Calvin Update

We are managing here on the home front. I'm thankful to report that Calvin is feeling much better and down to just taking OTC pain meds right before bed. I'm amazed by that. He is almost back to himself. These are all good things but require vigilance in making sure he is not overdoing it and keeping him restful as he heals. He is also (already) not thrilled with the liquid diet. He is a trooper and I do appreciate that I can reason with him. He despises the mouth rinse he must use (he can't brush his teeth) but endures. All in all, he has been a great patient and understands the importance of all the limitations.

We have been incredibly blessed by several of our friends bringing meals for the week - it has relieved much stress as we navigate this post-surgery!

The other boys have really struggled - especially T. It has made this week challenging. Thankfully, they have had a couple of days of activities away from home which keeps Calvin quieter, gives them something special to do, and allows me to get some things done. I do find that my patience is a little thin by the evening.

We are really just thankful for how well Calvin is doing - I honestly can't imagine going through the surgeries that he has. He maintains a great attitude despite not really liking the limits. We are all hanging in there even though we are exhausted. We continue to pray for healing and for understanding for the other two. They missed Calvin while he was away and don't like that he can't do everything with them. Warms my mama's heart to see the love and attachment between my sons.

Thanks for praying, checking in with us, sending cards, and bringing meals. You have blessed our family very much! 

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Calvin came through surgery well yesterday! He was incredibly nervous and incredibly brave. We are so proud of him! He is having some pain but it is being completely managed by over the counter pain meds. He did receive a last minute addition of ear tubes while under anesthesia for the palatal repair.

We very much appreciate all the prayers! We are continuing to pray that the surgery was successful. We should know in about a month. In the mean time, he is on a liquid diet for the next couple of weeks and a soft diet for another two weeks after that. He is being a trooper about it.

I must say, it's easier to reason with a 7 year old than a 2 year old. He is taking responsibility and understands the importance of cooperation. He hated the IV but didn't mess with it. :) It is going to be hard for him to be as inactive as he needs to be - he is supposed to be out of school for a week and avoid gym class for at least 2 weeks. Obviously that isn't a big issue for us but it gives you an idea of the recovery.

We are glad to have it behind us. So grateful for the doctors and nurses at Shriners - they are awesome! We are home, resting, and watching way more tv/movies than anyone should but hey, there has to be a perk to surgery, right?! :) He is in great spirits - laughing a lot and enjoying the undivided attention from us (our other two will be back later tonight).

We are so blessed. We constantly thank God for bringing Calvin into our lives and choosing him to be our son. While he would prefer not to have to deal with a cleft lip and palate, we know that it was influential in him coming to be ours.

Monday, August 13, 2012

This Week?

We are hoping and praying that our Dossier will be headed to China at the end of this week! So excited - it's a big step forward and a break in the actual paper chase of this adoption!

While I am overwhelmed, I have found encouragement as I fulfill the commitments of this season of life. It's just that...a season. I do not believe it will stay this busy - thank goodness! Just wanted to clarify that. And...I find writing therapeutic for me. :)

We are enjoying produce from our garden - it's been slow to come due to our late planting but we are loving it! I had grand plans of doing some canning but I don't think that will happen. I will probably stick with freezing some things, sharing with neighbors, and enjoying lots of fresh veggies. The boys planted their own plots this year and that has been so exciting and fun for them. 

I'm watching my boys play sweetly together in their make-shift airplane with a front, middle, and back cockpit. So cute. They LOVE history and re-enact it regularly. Perhaps they inherited that love of history and reenacting from me. ;) 

Off to work on homeschool stuff. Need to break open the books and see what the year holds! We are starting later than normal which is probably a good thing. The older 2 will be in 2nd grade and Titus is in Pre-K. My goals for T are mastering letters and sounds, consistently recognizing numbers up to 100, to love learning, and to know his COLORS (I think he knows them - we have certainly worked on them for 2 years - but I think he enjoys tormenting me by saying the wrong colors :)). I'm re-evaluating math and deciding if we will continue on the same path or switch it up for C & P. The boys can hardly wait to delve back into history and science (their favorites!).    

So, thankful that His mercies are new every morning. What a blessing. Thankful for the little people God has entrusted to me. I'm very grateful for His clear direction and strength. As we enter these couple of weeks of few to no outside commitments (I cleared the calendar once we had a surgery date), I'm thankful for a rest.

- On a blog note, I meant to change my commenting policies awhile ago and have officially changed them to no longer allow anonymous comments. I had that setting so my grandparents could comment and that was the only reason. Thanks for understanding!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

How Are You?

A question I dread lately and try to come up with a surface answer. I think it's fair to say that this hasn't been the best summer. I've tried to make it a good one and make some good memories with the kids but really, it has just been hard. Perhaps we underestimated the stress of adoption. Perhaps it is still some grief. Perhaps it is the seeming trillion other things demanding my time. Probably a combination of all of the above. Whatever it is, it has had me in a funk for months. For at least the past week, I've had a tension headache on a daily basis, my body can't relax, and sleep is hard to come by. It's left me exhausted, physically not feeling well, and stressed.

This isn't intended to be a complaining post or a self-absorbed post but rather an honest look at where I am. For me, stress comes in the form of worry (so I find myself worried about lots of things) and grumpiness (which isn't good for parenting). At times, I feel paralyzed and unable to make decisions, to think clearly, or to even accomplish what I need to.

I really haven't felt like myself for most of 2012. My husband, sisters, and parents have been my rocks. They have encouraged me, loved me, challenged me, and ministered to me in many different ways. I have a few friends who have also really been there for me and for that I have been so grateful.

I'm thankful that God is faithful and compassionate and gracious with me. I'm thankful for the wonderful blessing of our sons - they keep me young, make me feel old, challenge me, and love me. Man, I love and adore them. I'm thankful He has called us again to adoption and I cannot wait to meet our sweet little girl. She will share a part of her name with my grandma and part with my mom - I cannot think of anyone else I would rather honor. (And we aren't telling the name just yet but soon...once we know who she is, we will be sure and share!)

As we head into this week - the week I planned to start school and which will instead be surgery, I am praying earnestly for peace and rest. I need it. I am in over my head between working extra towards our adoption, launching a PC business (for our adoption), working at football games this fall (for our adoption), helping organize our homeschool group, helping plan a 5K, homeschooling, adopting, and having a child go through surgery. Grace. I need it. Patience. I need it.

So, that's where I'm at. Struggling. Trusting. Enduring. Weary. Thankful. Seeking to be faithful.