Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I had another post planned but this trumps it...I'm so proud of my hubby. He has been studying for a very difficult certification exam for the last several weeks and still wasn't confident he would pass. Well, today was the day and he passed with plenty of room to spare!!! All the study hours, missed family time, late nights, and stress were worth it!



Due to my blog break, I missed doing a Father's Day post but let me just say, we are so incredibly blessed to have him as the leader of our family. He is kind, patient, loving, and dedicated. The boys cannot wait for him to arrive home in the evenings (well, neither can I). :) He is awesome about helping out wherever no matter what task needs accomplished. How thankful I am to have such a wonderful husband! The pictures below are Andrew's first pictures with each of our precious sons.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Fun Evening

My Mom and I took the boys to the symphony on Saturday night and it was a great time! The boys were awesome and it was a gorgeous night! Ty was really into the music - dancing and clapping - so cute!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm Back...Kind Of :)

Nothing earth shattering here. I've enjoyed my self-imposed, much-needed blog break although I've also missed the creative outlet. I'm still working out some thoughts and related posts but I'm mostly back. Oh, and with the break, came the blog makeover - I needed change in the form of summery colors. :)

My flowers and plants are thriving! I'm thrilled. They are so beautiful on the deck and the colors are so bright and inviting. I decided to buy these big planters and they have worked out so well!

Friday, June 26, 2009

20 Things I Love

I think it's time for one of my "just-because-mushy-mom" posts (yep, that's a technical, copyrighted phrase :)). My children constantly amaze me and I pray that I don't take these years for granted. I want to enjoy every day and every moment with them. They have brought so much joy to my (well our) life. I thank God for them daily!

I love to hear my kids' say Mama (or Mony :)).
I love the spontaneous hugs that never cease to amaze me.
I love the way my boys' make me feel like the most important person in the world.
I love how they engage me in their games, make believe, songs, and books.
I love the wonderful smiles they throw my way.
I love the delighted giggles that escape.
I love their beautiful, expressive, brown eyes.
I love the way they wholeheartedly trust.
I love surprising them.
I love to teach them.
I love to see them learn.
I love to watch them peacefully sleep.
I love to see their imaginations at work.
I love to hear them pray.
I love their singing.
I love the way they live life to the fullest.
I love their boundless energy.
I love the sloppy, open-mouth kisses.
I love my boys.
I love being a Mom.

**Originally Published October 13, 2007**

Thursday, June 25, 2009

On Work

I sometimes ponder being a part-time working mom. I know God has called me first and foremost to be a wife and mom but Andrew and I also believe that He has called me to be a dental hygienist. [As an aside, people have many different views of how this all plays out and I am not here to say there is any one right way or to spark any heated discussions. This is simply my personal reflection.] :)

A friend of mine has been a huge encouragement to me in challenging me to live a balanced life fulfilling all that God desires of me. I know that I don’t always get it right but I feel blessed to have the opportunity and flexibility (hygiene is great for this!) to work some (about 30 hours/month) and still enjoy being mostly a SAHM. It seems like the best of both worlds – sometimes I wish for more of one or the other but overall it works.

In truth, I appreciate the fresh perspective on my awesome sons. I miss them and it seems that all the challenges of the week melt away when I see them after only a few hours at work. They are sweet and adorable and we are all so happy to see each other!

I’m so thankful for my loving husband who supports and encourages me in the “outside” work that is a part of my life and our lives. I'm also grateful for his commitment and desire for me to mostly be at home - I know not everyone is able to do that! I’m thankful for the childcare my family provides which gives me the peace of mind to enjoy my work and to meet the needs of my patients. And I’m thankful for the employment that helped make it possible for our two sons to become a part of our family and that continues to help provide if/where needed.

When I think about the different roles God has called me to, I am reminded that He has called me to do them all for His glory! I pray that I will continually be strengthened and challenged in each responsibility. We truly serve an amazing God who has granted each of us different gifts & talents as well as unique roles & families. But He universally calls us to glorify and enjoy Him forever within every aspect of our lives. May that truly be the desire of our hearts.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.
Colossians 3:23-24 (ESV)

**Originally Published October 26, 2007**

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Interrupted Break

I'm interrupting this blog break to bring you some pictures that rank pretty high on the cuteness factor (at least by this very biased mom).

Open wide - Calvin is a ham on camera and off. He often says, "I'm funny?" or "You're funny." To him, being funny is quite the complement. :) He says it all with a twinkle in his eyes. We feel confident that his sense of humor has been a real asset with his life before our family and with his surgeries.

"Mom, don't take my picture. I don't want a picture." Oh well, I got one anyway and I think it turned out pretty well. He was much too busy to be bothered. He is always figuring out how things work and amazing us with his quick grasp of things - especially technology related. :)

Learning to use a sippy cup. He feels pretty big and important and actually is doing quite well! He is still a poser but only when he wants to be. :) He has just started saying a few things that sound like they might be words - the vote is still out.

Teething Ty - he keeps sucking on his upper lip which is so cute. He has been working on three for a few weeks now and one finally popped through. He doesn't sleep as well when teething, so there have been many nights averaging a bit less sleep. :)

The boys are really trying to work on teamwork which is adorable - it's mostly of their own accord. They decided to water my plants - Patrick watered and Calvin told him which ones to do. :)

Simple Life: A Continuing Journey

Recently, I have been desiring to simplify life. I've been convicted about how "stuff" can become so much a part of my life that it can squeeze out time for family, ministry, and involvement in people's lives. The other problem is where it falls in priority and value in my life. It's so easy to become attached to objects and allow them to influence my decisions! I'm one of those people who LOVES to be organized but I'm not great at accomplishing it and keeping it - a quest I will probably continue for the rest of my life. It's frustrating because at times it determines if we will have company, etc. - okay, okay, I admit it, I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to how my house looks!

I try not to be too sentimental but I'm finding that exceptionally challenging now that we have two adorable sons. It's just so hard not to keep everything they have ever worn and played with. :) But, I'm also committed to not saving so many things that the boys will roll their eyes and say, "Mom, we don't want that..." I think it will be more meaningful to them to have a few special things and many organized pictures and written memories. (Having said that, I do save clothes (and toys) to use if God chooses to grow our family but I know myself well enough to know that I will want any future son or daughter to have some new clothes, too. I always feel bad for children who only ever wear hand-me-downs. :))

It seems that the example we have in Christ is not a man burdened with lots of "stuff". I don't think having things is bad but I think we need to be careful stewards of what God has blessed us with. And I think it can become sinful if we allow "things" to take over our life. For me, that means going through and donating items fairly regularly. I'm challenged that it is wasteful and selfish to keep things that we aren't using (and likely won't use again). (Side note: The VA is a wonderful place to donate and they will pick up your donations - I make myself say yes every time they call to find out if we have anything to donate and then end up scurrying around the night before pick-up...)

So, simplicity in the form of serious organization is my goal. It is a constant process and I pray God will give wisdom and continue to challenge me in this life process. It's just that - a way of life and I know I fail more often then succeed! Let me emphasize again, having stuff is not wrong, it's my own attitude and actions regarding it that is the problem.

Now, here's my true confession - I love Christmas decorations and dishes. Both take up a lot of storage space... I'm working on it... Anyone need some Christmas lights? (Yeah, I'm not ready to offer the dishes, yet! :)

**Originally Published June 12, 2007**

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


There is a running joke in my family that I am origamically challenged. And it's true. I remember being given a pack of beautiful origami paper with an accompanying instruction book. I thought, "how fun!" Not fun. I couldn't make anything with my lovely paper. The most basic folds baffled me and none of my creations looked like the pictures in the book. I gave up. So everyone in my family knows that origami is not my thing and everyone gets a great deal of pleasure out of this fact.

This year, I decided that my "fun goal" would be origami. I bought a page-a-day calendar (50% off) of origami - paper and instructions. I have made it through day 4 fairly successfully though not without difficulty. I am keeping each of my projects to give my family. So far, I've folded a bird, dog head, penguin, and sled.

I will prove them wrong. I will learn to fold paper. I will conquer my origami fears. After all, I have this whole year to master this art form - okay, maybe not master. :)
**Originally Published January 4, 2007**

Monday, June 22, 2009

Conversations with Calvin

I don't want to forget the precious conversations I have with my little boys. Here are a few featuring Calvin. I'm working on one recording conversations with Patrick, too!

Recently, C had been very disrespectful and disobedient and needed disciplined so I took him to the nearest private area to deal with it. After he received his punishment, he was crying with real sorrow.

C: (sob) You still love me?
Me: Oh yes, I always love you, that's why I cannot allow you to disobey and be disrespectful. It does not honor God.
C: (huge sob) God still love me?
Me: (trying not to burst into tears at his tender heart) Yes, He does and He desires you to do the right things.

God has been working in his heart in amazing ways in the last couple of weeks. He is asking so many good questions about God and Heaven. Today he told me he wanted to hug God and so he wrapped his arms around an invisible something and held on tight.

C was quite fearful of the storm the other night and our conversation went like this:
Me: (with my arms wrapped around him) Who made the rain?
C: (with confidence) God did.
Me: That's right and He is watering the earth. Who made the wind?
C: God did.
Me: Right. And who made the thunder.
C: Bad men.
Me: :) - No, God made the thunder, too.
C: Oh.
Me: Who made the lightening?
C: Bad men.
Me: No, who made it?
C: (with a grin) God did.

Also on rain:
C: God has a big, big cup and He fills it with water. He dumps it and we have a rain.

Me: Who were the friends you made at camp?
C: (arms outstretched) Too many friends!
Me: What were their names?
C: (with fingers outstretched) Alot, alot of names.

Love the 80s!

I'm taking a continued break this week but will be featuring some previously published posts which I hope you enjoy. I've had much on my mind in terms of blogging (over the last several months) and need some time to sort out my thoughts and write some serious posts that I've wanted to write for awhile.

I have such great memories of my childhood and some of them are influenced by the great decade many of us grew up in – the 80’s! Have any of you seen the show “I Love the 80’s”? I’ve only seen it once or twice but it definitely gives you that nostalgic feeling! Anyway, I just wanted to share a few things I loved (& some that I didn’t) things from the rad 80’s.

1. Jelly shoes – these had to be number 1 because truly they were the best! I had several pairs – my favorite were turquoise with a little heel. As most of you girls will remember, they always got rocks stuck in the bottom. :)
2. Jelly bracelets – goes with number 1. I don’t think there was any limit to how many you could wear at one time!
3. Charm jewelry – not the classic silver kind but the plastic ones that never made it out of the 80’s. You could buy the charms in vending machines and dime stores and probably just about anywhere. When I lost my first tooth – I picked a saliboat charm for the tooth fairy to give me.
4. Mullets – this was not something I liked but sadly, how my mom cut my hair. I’m trying to get over the trauma. :) I’m glad most of you didn’t know me then and hopefully the rest of you can’t remember. All surviving pictures should be destroyed.
5. Leg Warmers – mine were purple w/ pink hearts. How cool was I!
6. Pegged pants – we can still bring this back guys!
7. Neon colors – Wow! You didn’t need orange vests when you were riding bikes. I had several t-shirts and of course accessories!
8. T-shirt slides – so you didn’t have to tie your t-shirt to the side, you could thread it through the decorated slide. To go with #7, mine was neon yellow with neon pink, green & yellow ribbon curls that hung off it.
9. Double socks – do I even need to remind you! :)
10. Big bangs – I never had mine as high or as awesome as the other girls but that wasn’t because I didn’t try. Hairspray, curl up, hairspray, curl down, hairspray, feather (if you can get your comb through it), hairspray, hairspray, hairspray!

There are tons of other totally rad things: like New Kid’s on the Block, tv shows, other clothing & accessories, phrases… Perhaps you have some you’d like to add! I’ll close for now with happy thoughts of our beloved decade! Cowabunga dudes & dudettes!
**Originally Published April, 14, 2006 - with added picture. Is there any doubt what decade I grew up in? :)**

Monday, June 15, 2009

This Guy...

...is walking! He's been taking steps and trying for several weeks and it's been official for about a week! He walks across the room and can turn around. He is SO proud of himself and laughs with glee (yes, I said glee :)). He looks around to see who is watching and encourages cheering. His big brothers think it's pretty awesome and his parents are pretty proud. :) He is 10 months today - where has the time gone?!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Making Their Day

A sheriff stopped by and talked to the boys when we got home tonight. He patiently answered their (I mean, Calvin's :)) questions and told us about his family. He chatted with us for probably 10 minutes and then hopped out of his car and opened his trunk. He dug around for a minute and then emerged with two FBI play sets and gave them to the older boys. They were beyond thrilled and politely thanked him.

Not only did they get to see his car and talk to him which was super exciting but now they are pretty sure there are toys in the trunk of all police cars. :) It was so cute and they could not stop talking about it. Andrew came home and Calvin (our more chatty one) was spilling out the story faster than Andrew could understand. :)

Kudos to the sheriff. He was so kind and really made the boys' day. I think it's officers like him that really encourage kids to make good choices and to view the law in a positive way. All in all, a great ending to our day!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Man, what is it about the warm weather?! I don't want to do anything - not even cook - which is saying a lot for me. I do want to eat though which is proving problematic and the kids and husband, well, they kind of insist upon it as well. :) I think I'm just a little out of sorts this week and super tired and I figured out why. Anyway...

I have a to-do list as long as my arm and don't really want to do any of it. I'm thinking that when the kids run out of clothes, I'll just send them to the unfolded baskets and have them sort through to find something to wear. They'll love that.

And seriously, if I have to hear crying over another fake injury, I'm going to cry! :) This is what I hear constantly, "He touched me", "Wahhhh", "Look, Mom, right here" (as I strain to see the microscopic wound). We are working on toughness this summer and I'm teaching them to SAY, "Ouch! That hurt!" and be done (unless it's a serious injury, of course and I'll be the judge of that, thank you very much! :)). Lest you think, I'm completely heartless, I will be happy to tell them how sorry I am that they are hurt and give them a hug or even kiss said fake owie, but I will not stand for 10 minutes of wailing over nothing. And don't even think that a band-aid will fix it - they hate band-aids - even the character ones. I know, weird kids. And I know, mean mom.

Seriously, is there any ice cream around here? I'm going to have 2 helpings with chocolate and then I will be armed and ready to kiss away more boo-boos, come up with a supper plan, and fold some clothes. Who am I kidding...I'm taking a nap first. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Post that Wasn't

I was going to post about my activities of today complete with a picture but that didn't happen. It's been a long day and I'm exhausted. It's 9:30 and I'm headed to bed - being a confirmed night owl, 9:30 is like 6:30 for the average person. :) There is much on my mind and heart and Andrew is working late. I'm ignoring the messy house and piles of laundry - they will still be there tomorrow for me to deal with and perhaps I'll have more energy then.

So instead of the intended post, I will give you a couple of pictures from the last day of school. Yeah, I meant to post them about a month ago. Sigh. And yes, I'm fully aware that I look a little strung out in the picture.

Too cool for school.
And no, we aren't fans of the stomach showing (we'll leave short boy shirts in the 80s, thanks)...I think it was just the pose but who knows. :) I'll be the first to admit that my kids occasionally make it out the door in clothing that doesn't quite fit, shoes on the wrong feet etc...it just screams good parenting. :)

Mommy might be tired.
But hey, these three make it worth it. I love them to pieces and am super blessed that God chose me to be their Mom!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Kazapalooza 2009 - Just Pictures for Now! - Updated

I'm in a rush, so I'll just quickly post some pictures of our great weekend - narrative to follow (hopefully later today!).

Headed to the pool for the very fun pool party! The resort was so gorgeous!

Definitely a water baby - he LOVED it!

Like his brothers...

Titus and Asa were born 1 week apart within 1 hour distance of each other and both were adopted into families with two older boys.

And here are the families of boys - six between us! Gretchen and Chris went from 0 to 3 kids in about 13 months. They are an awesome family and we loved hanging out with them!

These boys were all born and adopted from Uralsk, Kazakhstan. Our boys have been home the longest and are the oldest by a bit. They are all absolutely adorable! It was so fun comparing notes about the baby houses and in-country experience!

Our family on the last day.

Stopping for ice cream on the way home...what would a trip be without an ice cream stop. :)

It's just so amazing to be with people who love Kazakhstan, have had similar experiences, and have been so blessed through adoption. I loved feeling "normal" - you don't have to explain everything; we all know how it works etc. It was incredible to see all the families - some built entirely through adoption and some built through both biology and adoption.

Every single person would tell you that adoption is awesome - I think we are all pretty passionate about it! :) What beautiful families, beautiful hearts, and beautiful children.

Yesterday was an emotional day - in a happy and good way! I learned of two families receiving referrals and another family having two foster children placed with them. I saw all of them this weekend and rejoice with them! I love that more children are on their way to finding forever families. I could go on and on but I'll stop. We can't wait until next year and we hope to see many of you before then!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Back Home Again

We are home from an amazing weekend in Nashville! We thoroughly enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones as 60+ Kaz adoptive families got together! It was absolutely beautiful to see the children, emotional to see how each family has been impacted and blessed, and incredible to be apart of raising money for Kaz kids through Two Hearts for Hope. I cannot think of a better way to spend the weekend! Pictures and post to come. Off to bed...

Saturday, June 06, 2009


This guy is a great traveler overall! He went on our trip to Chicago a few weeks ago and was remarkably cheery...I think he enjoyed all the attention! :)

Does anyone else hate teething biscuits? So messy and nasty but babies seem to love them. :) Poor guy is cutting about four teeth right now - the two on the upper left are winning so he may have a lopsided smile for a little while.

He is taking a lot of steps! I will never get tired of watching that developmental milestone - we first got to experience it with Calvin. Titus is incredibly proud of himself and constantly looking around to see who will cheer for him - we oblige. :)

Titus is also occasionally giving open mouthed kisses which completely melts my heart.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Learning Something New

Last year (at the start of 2008), I mentioned that I wanted to learn to knit. My good friend, Heather, is an accomplished knitter and so she gave me yarn, needles, and a pattern to get started. It took me 18 months but I finally finished the project last week! Okay, I actually didn't start until February of this year and mostly knitted it at the newly formed knitting club (super fun, by the way!). So...here is the completed project.

I think the model is pretty cute. :) While this was my first completed knitting project, I certainly hope it won't be the last! It was fun and I had such a sense of accomplishment. The older boys have requested hats for themselves - Calvin would like orange and green stripe and Patrick would like two colors of blue. We'll see.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I'm happy to report that I feel like a new woman. I think I got more rest yesterday than I have in several days combined. :) My mom graciously took the boys when I called her at 6 a.m. telling her I was very ill - there was absolutely no way I could have cared from them.

Well, today marks the end of the celebration! I had such a great time thinking up giveaways and reading all the comments. I put everyone's names in bowls and had the boys draw the winners for each giveaway. And with that, we have 7 winners!

#1 - Starbucks Card - Heather L.
#2 - Dessert Cookbook - Jennifer T.
#3 - Trader Joe's Bags - Jenna N.
#4 - Book Giftcard - Jenny S.
#5 - Outdoor Cookbook - Heather S.
#6 - Art Notecards - Stephanie E.
#7 - Necklace - Ann H.

Thank you all for entering! Evidently you had a greater increase of winning if your name was Heather or anything with Jen. :) It was random, I promise! Honestly, I always wish I could give something to everyone but alas, that just isn't possible - there were a lot of entries.

Congrats to all of you and I will be getting your prizes to you in the next week! Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

30: The 1st 24

I'm closing all entries and tomorrow I will hopefully post all the winners! Thank you all for celebrating with me!

So far, 30 hasn't been very good...I came down with severe stomach flu early this morning and have felt awful. I'm sure things will look up in the next 24 hours. :)

I did have a lovely day celebrating yesterday - my mom and all of my sisters (even the one from up north!) surprised me for lunch and Andrew took me out for a lovely dinner last night. Sadly, I'm missing out on my Mom's Night Out tonight - they let me pick the restaurant and I was so looking forward to it.

Here's to hoping tomorrow is better than today and that nobody else gets sick - we are scheduled to head out of town for the weekend and we definitely want to go and be well! I think I've used up all the energy I had...back to bed for me.

Monday, June 01, 2009

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

(by Alaina's lucky husband Andrew)

On this her thirtieth birthday, I thought she needed a guest post on her blog!  Henceforth, with no more ado, I give you: 

Thirty Wonderful Things About Alaina!  (or, why I love her so much; in random order)


1.  is the best and most faithful friend I ever could have asked for (and prettiest!)

2.  enjoys her three sons, and is always envisioning fun things to do with them

3.  bakes incredibly delicious desserts (and main courses, too)

4.  is an interesting, engaging, entertaining writer – just look above and below!

5.  likes to play fantasy football with me, and really does play (e.g., she doesn’t just sign up, but she learns the players, the strategies, and seriously talks about who to start each week!)

6.  balances out my pack-rat tendencies and (to a greater or lesser extent, depending on my sentimentality) helps me get rid of no-longer-needed stuff :{

7.  is an extremely loyal, caring, devoted friend

8.  is also, like me, a competitive board-game enthusiast, although for some reason (probably three reasons, actually) we don’t play as much as we used to

9.  has this mischievous side that keeps life interesting

10.  loves spending time with me (as she would say, a happy coincidence!)

11.  definitely knows how to throw a (Christmas/birthday/general) party, complete with decorations, food, drinks – and did I say delicious food?

12.  enjoys looking at home plans with me, and envisioning and discussing our green dream house

13.  has a heart for adoption, which has changed our lives, and will, I trust, change many others as well

14.  likes dogs (maybe more than I do at this point, which is something of a role-reversal from a few years ago)

15.  enjoys gardening, and puts the produce – and particularly her herbs – to excellent use

16.  is very patient with my idiosyncrasies (I’ll not list them; she knows them well enough)

17.  helps make sure I don’t walk out of the house looking like I time-traveled from the 80s

18.  is something of a perfectionist, which, being one myself, is great (most of the time :)

19.  likes to travel and explore new towns, states, and countries – and is a great traveling companion

20.  is very financially responsible, which makes accounting, budgeting and saving easier

21.  has a great mind, and puts it to good use in many ways, including in discussing cases and other work with me

22.  loves people and is always eager to help, serve, and make their lives happier

23.  thoroughly enjoys a good book, and is always fun to book-shop with

24.  has remained remarkably mentally stable considering that she lives with four “boys,” three of whom are within three years age of each other

25.  not only loves Christmas, but also makes it a wonderful time of year, from decorations to events to gifts!

26.  is always up for a late night movie (even if she falls asleep in the middle :)

27.  loves her family and spending time with them

28.  bakes, cooks, and creates some of the most amazing things in the kitchen (did I list this already?  If so, it bears repeating!)

29.  has the prettiest name in the world (thanks, Dad and Mom J.!)

30.  like me, is concerned with stewardship of the earth, and in thinking and acting “green”

31.  is very concerned about the health and welfare of her family, and takes that very seriously (hello, more good food!)

32.  is very understanding when I have to work late

33.  and did I mention that she’s hot?!

Oh wait, I’m going on too long!  But as we were always told with our birthday “spankings,” there’s always two or three to “love Daddy on,” etc., so I trust you’ll forgive me.  Rest assured, she really is only turning thirty this year!  This short list barely scratches the surface; I could list thirty more.  But since she’s only turning thirty, that will have to wait! J

I love you, Alaina!

Countdown to 30: Giveaway 7

This is THE day...around 2 p.m. this afternoon I will turn 30. It's really not bad - I think the worst part is just not knowing where the time has gone because I certainly don't feel 30! I'm thinking a big cookout in a few weeks...at least that's what my sisters think and it sounds fun! :) In the mean time, I'm going to lunch with my sister and dinner with my husband - I feel so spoiled!

I've enjoyed looking back at birthdays past and in a way anticipating the birthdays that are to come. The past 30 years have brought some amazing things and I trust the next years will as well. The best thing ever is our journey to building our family. It's not just the best because I get to be the mom of three incredible boys but because it gave me an entirely new perspective on love, family, and the world. And while I was certain that we would someday adopt, I had no idea it would be by the time I was 30. It's been quite the journey. I feel so content and so blessed. Thank you for joining me on this Countdown to 30 - I've had a great time! Here's to another year of adventure, life changes, and living life to the fullest.

And now what you are waiting for - I'm so thrilled to offer this necklace for the final giveaway!

My sister-in-law, Ashley, just started her own jewelry business and I love what she is doing! Her etsy shop is up and running - Scapegoat Jewelry. She uses a variety of colors and styles in her designs. She debuted her jewelry at Liz's studio night in April. I'm a big fan, so excited for her new venture, and thrilled that she is participating in the giveaways this week! Today she is offering the above necklace to one lucky winner - I wish I could enter! :)

The necklace is the Double Stranded Cabochon Necklace and the description reads, "This necklace has two strands from which petit cabochons dangle. The two chains are of different weight; the top chain is about 1 mm in thickness and the bottom chain is about 2 mm. It also features a filigree box clasp. This necklace is 18" at its longest point."

In order to be entered into this awesome final giveaway and support another local artist, please visit her etsy shop and leave a comment with your favorite piece. I have a hard time choosing but I really like the Green and Red Cloisonne Lockets with Cloisonne Beads!

Here are the rules for one last time :):
1) 1 entry per person per giveaway - you do not have to live locally or even know me personally for any of the prizes (I will cover all shipping costs).
2) You can enter all drawings for the week - just leave a comment with the specified guidelines on each giveaway post.
3) Make sure I have a way to contact you if you are the winner (winners will be chosen randomly unless otherwise noted).

I will draw winners for all giveaways on Wednesday, June 3 and contact the winners via e-mail and list them here on the blog. And I'll try to get everything in the mail or delivered within the week. Thanks again for joining in my birthday celebration!

Don't forget to enter all the other giveaways for this week!
They will all close tomorrow evening!