Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2 Months

It's been two months since I posted here. In many ways, it just feels impossible to post after my last post. I miss my grandparents so much - they were faithful readers of the blog even when my posting has been less than faithful. I'm sad they aren't peeking into our lives through it. I am sad...still. I think about them a lot and can't believe they are both gone - so quickly, so unexpectedly - leaving such a hole. And so, I have let the blog sit unattended. The picture in the previous post is also my profile picture (at the moment) on fb and nearly every time I see it, my throat constricts as I choke back tears. Wow. Grief is a strange thing.

Meanwhile, things are moving along in our adoption - though not as quickly as I hoped. Immigration approval has slowed down which mean a few more weeks of waiting before submitting our dossier. My goal was end of July but now I'm really hoping it's in August. The boys are getting very anxious to know who their sister will be (and quite honestly, we are getting a little anxious, too!). You can check out all of the adoption news (and our latest, very cool, fundraiser) at our adoption blog, Room for Another.

Calvin's surgery will be August 17. We are looking forward to having it behind us. It means that we will probably start school a little later than I intended - at least full school, we will probably start back partially before then. He is nervous and I feel bad for him. We reassure him but I think he just wants it over, too - I can't blame him! We continue to be so thankful for his awesome cleft team!

And...we were so excited for my sister-in-law to take some picture for our dossier (and for us to frame!). Please check out her work - it's really wonderful! She is so talented and great to work with!

This has to be my favorite - love these boys!