Thursday, June 22, 2006


Electricity is one of those things I take for granted.  Just about everything productive requires it to some extent (cleaning, laundry, cooking…etc).  Twice this week, we have been without power for extended periods of time (6+ hours the 1st and 3+ hours the 2nd time).  We’ve enjoyed the excuse to go to someone else’s house both times (thanks Koons and Mom & Dad) but the truth is, once the power goes out, we feel a little helpless.  We don’t want to open the fridge or freezer for fear of letting the coolness out, we don’t have flashlights, matches, & candles prepared for such events…you get the idea.  We just generally can’t imagine the power company failing us. :)  

It’s funny for us to think that we are “roughing it” when we camp or get away to a primitive cabin.  We’re prepared for each moment of darkness without power and we congratulate ourselves when we complete our adventure.  

I am aware that many people have lived without electricity in generations past and even some conservative groups today, but it makes you realize how much our society depends on and is shaped by electrical power.  Our lives have become defined by technology.  We think we cannot live without computers, microwaves, televisions, and whatever else.  Even our phones these days with all their high-tech advances like rechargeable batteries and cordless options require electricity.  What an interesting experiment to turn off everyone’s power for even 24 hours.  I think that 24 hours would bring families, neighborhoods, and communities together.  We would appreciate one another more, communicate better, and be reminded of what is really important in life.  

All of that said, I certainly am not ready to give up power.  It helps save lives, is convenient, and is overall a wonderful invention!  


Jen said...

I think that would be a GREAT idea for everyone to go without power for 24 hours. I know I take it for granted.

Catherine said...

I read an interesting book a while ago that speculated about what would happen if suddenly we didn't have oil or electricity. It was really interesting to think about how those energy sources cascade down into the smallest aspects of modern life! Also interesting to see how so many things work together to make our economy. Anyway, while I think living off the electricity grid is neat, I know I'm not a good candidate and I'm thankful we have electricity!

Josh said...

Do you remember when our phones didn't need electricity to work? We just plugged them in the phone jack and they worked. I remember before cordless phones, I could call anyone I wanted when the power was out. Not that I did. In fact most of the time, my dad was on the phone trying to get a hold of the power company. Can't do that anymore...especially if you have a VoIP like Vonage.