Saturday, June 03, 2006

7-10 Days!

So, the Falk family will not be having puppies anytime soon.  After much debate, Pippi visited the vet for some permanent, no-puppies-ever, surgery.  Yep, she is spayed!  I felt a little bad even though I know it was the right decision and I definitely know that I don’t want puppies!  She is just an animal but we felt bad that we couldn’t explain to her what was going on – after all, we made the decision to take away her womanhood.

All went well until they gave us the post-op instructions – no jumping, running, exercising, or any kind of excessive activity for 7-10 days, 7-10 days!!!  In case you haven’t met our dog, this goes against every fiber of her being!  I think we can manage 2-3 days of this requirement but 7-10 days?!  She is already trying to jump on things and run.  She loves to play and she loves to spend time with people.  So right now, Pippi is spending some extended time in her crate.  

The vet sent home pain meds home but said she hadn’t needed any so far.  The receptionist said that Pippi might try to pull the pity card on us.  She has – she woke us up early this morning by crying and whining in her crate.  But we are afraid to give her any medicine that might make her feel well enough to be more active!  

Sorry Pippi, you may never understand, but we want to keep you around…only you, none of your offspring.  And most of all, we never want you to go through heat again.


steph said...

Well, I think 7-10 days is going to be a bit miserable for you and the dog...poor thing being cooped up in her crate. :(
While I do think that seeing Pippi with puppies would have been fun, I do believe that you made the right decision to forgo puppies and the very long season of heat. That's just not a pleasant process.
Good luck with keeping Pippi calm and under control for 7-10 days!

Kevin & Amy said...

Poor puppy - I meant to ask how she's doing on Sunday but forgot.

Probably the key is no kind of "excessive" activity for 7-10 days. If she's just doing her normal things, maybe it's not as worrisome.

Margaret said...

I still think it was semi-horrible taking away her womanhood. My goodness she's so young!! Tsk tsk, poor Pippi will never ever be the same again.