Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Good Day

I woke up in a state of groggy realization - awake just enough to know that I had a headache and congestion. I was hoping to go to the museum later today (after all the goodies are finished), we'll see. I need to get my head cleared. Andrew graciously stayed a little extra and let me try to sleep it off. Now I'm up...not sure I want to be... Definitely not loving the attitudes this morning. Sigh.

Here are my goals for this day:
1) Have cookie trays ready to go by noon.
2) Do a little school with the boys.
3) Bake 2 other kinds of cookies.
4) Write 2 blog posts.
5) Do something fun (museum or decorate our small tree or plan a fun evening for the boys).
6) Come up with an easy dinner plan (yeah, menu planning not happening so much right now... :)).

Andrew is working late so it will be a long day...but it's going to be good...

Well, I better scoot, a fight has broken out. It's going to be's going to be's going to be GOOD! :)


Margaret said...

We're having our tree trimming party tonight, so I've been busy yesterday and then again today making cookies and planning the evenings festivities! Can't wait!

Gretchen said...

Stay positive! It will be a good day. :) Hope you feel better soon.

Monica said...

So, was it good?

Alaina said...

It had it's moments... :) I have most of my to-do list checked off or enough progress that I'm comfortable. And we went to the museum and ran into friends and spent the afternoon with them. So, I'll say it was mostly good! :)