Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas has been magical this year. The boys excitedly counted down the days, talked about Santa even though we don't really *do* Santa, and tried so hard to keep secrets about the presents they were giving. It's been memorable, adorable, and fun. Titus has been right with them in enjoying all of the festivities. What a privilege to be their mom - it's been one of the best Christmas' ever!

Here are a few things of note:

Calvin is convinced we need a baby girl. He has been talking about it for a couple of months and has been telling me that we need to get another car seat. He is quite insistent despite our us gently breaking the news that we aren't going to be having a baby girl right now. It's very sweet though we are quite happy with our three boys for now. :) Calvin doesn't have a still bone in his body and is talking a mile-a-minute - he is quite inquisitive. He has started back to speech therapy and we are thrilled that his initial testing shows that he is doing well.

Patrick is also quite talkative. He tells us all kinds of things and not much gets past him - makes us all the more aware of what we say. :) He is also starting to be quite particular about what he wears. Patrick is also a foodie - a boy after his mama's heart. He enjoys impressing us with his food knowledge. And he has learned to order his own food at restaurants - he has come quite a ways from the very shy little boy that became our son over three years ago.

Titus is into everything and has recently started saying a few more words and making some animal sounds. He has been resistant to doing any signs other than "more" but this week, of his own accord, he started signing "thank you". He is such a lovey little guy and often wakes us up with hugs and kisses. He continues to be a bit wary of other people (even family) and takes awhile to warm-up but is quite the ham.

My heart often overflows with gratitude at God's gracious gifts - I love being their mom!

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Margaret said...

Yes, I see them often. Yes, you write about them on your other blog. Yes, I take pictures of them too. But, I still love these updates and hope you keep this blog at least semi-active.