Monday, September 27, 2010

Local Family in Need

Hey Everyone! I'm so excited to share about the Walk - we were amazed at the success! And I will do a post with pictures all about it - it will probably be up tomorrow.

For today, my real-life friend, Katie, brought to our attention a local family with some very important needs. I'm careful what I re-post and I think the post below is important. If you live locally, this is an awesome way to minister to a family in true need. I trust Katie & Joe - I've known them for a very long time.
Here's what she wrote:

Three weeks ago, Joe and I befriended a refugee family who live on the northside of Indy. They are a beautiful, sweet Karen family of seven who have lived the last 10 years in a refugee camp in Thailand. They have only been in America since July.

We initially thought we could to help them learn English, find jobs and understand American culture.

With the help of a translator this weekend, we learned they need much, much more.

I asked to see their bedrooms and saw sheets on only three out of five mattresses.

No blankets.

Maybe four long-sleeve shirts.

The youngest child had zero pants.

Seven pairs of flip-flops. One pair of soccer cleats.

I cried when the mom told us through the translator how cold they have been at night.

We had no idea how little they had and here I've been longing for sweater weather.

We immediately gave them blankets, sheets, some adult long-sleeve t-shirts and some of Madeline's winter clothes for the youngest child. But we didn't have any clothes for the boys or the older girl. We also didn't have any shoes that would fit.

There are many resources around the city through government agencies and churches to help needy families and in the last two days I received some great tips on where to take them and will do so this week.

But I wanted to ask you all as well because I know you are personally awesome. (Why yes, I am complimenting you so you'll be in the mood to give.)

If you have any clothes or closed-toe shoes that you want to purge, can I take them off your hands?
If your kids have outgrown some clothes and you were going to give them (the clothes, not your kids) to Goodwill, can this family wear them?

The primary need is for warmer clothes like pants, sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts, winter pajamas, etc. (I certainly won't turn down any coats but we will take them to Bob Gregory's Coats for Kids on October 30.)

We only have size estimates because most of the clothes didn't have tags but here's what we think:

Dad - medium
Mom - large
15 year old boy - medium/large
13 year old boy - extra large kids
10 year old girl - size 7
5 year old boy - size 4-5
4 year old girl - size 3-4

We don't know shoe sizes because their flip-flops are very worn down but if any donated shoes (or clothes) don't fit, I will gladly pass them onto someone else who has a great need as well. There are several hundred refugees in their apartment complex who are probably in very similar situations.This is a tougher request but if you have or know of a free or cheap bunk bed, please let me know. They have just put mattresses on the floor which takes up nearly all the available space in the bedrooms.

If you are able to give anything, please leave a comment or e-mail me {katiemayes @ gmail . com} and I'll be in touch. Thank you, thank you if you are able to help in any way, including passing this message along.

Please consider if you could be a part of their mission to help provide for some of the basic needs of this family. If you can help, feel free to bring donations to me and I will get them to Katie or contact her directly. Thanks, awesome readers!

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