Thursday, March 03, 2011


A couple of days ago, one of our sons shared with me his plan "when he grows up" to bring home 10 children "from where the earthquake was." A little over a year later and he still remembers and talks about the children and people of Haiti. His heart is big. He told me he wants to be their family (and he has told us who the mom [ie who he will marry] will be, but I'll not share that right now :)). I'm blown away by his desire and "simple" plan to bring home 10 kids. He feels there is a need and he wants to meet it. He longs to give children a family "who don't have one." He talks to us about it fairly regularly and has for about two years.

How can we not consider adding more children to our family? He is such an example to us and challenges our thinking (and he lobbies hard for more sisters & brothers :)). And while I know his ideas and plans will likely change, I also know that we appreciate his love, concern, thoughtfulness and care for others. He knows, in a way Andrew and I never can, what it's like to not have the love and nurture of a family. So, we are challenged. We are blessed. And we are open. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! You have the sweetest sons ever! I am awed at his love and concern for others too! That is just adorable (and so funny that he thinks he knows who he will marry!)