Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Long Time, No Write :)

How can it be another month already?! I feel so behind!

School has been going well overall. It's been exciting to see the changes in the boys - I've especially noticed a lot of maturing in Patrick. I'm so thankful that we decided to homeschool this year. We finish our classes this week and I know the boys will be sad.

I had a chance to attend the Cincinnati Homeschool convention last weekend (thanks, Andrew!). It was incredibly encouraging and refreshing. Last year, I went to our local convention and just didn't get much out of the sessions but here, it was like drinking from a fire hydrant. As we look towards next year (yes, we are signing on for another year), I know there are things I will change and I also have some exciting new resources. Going to the exhibit hall is equally overwhelming and exciting and inspiring. Anyway, it was a wonderful weekend with some great friends - friends from our homeschool group and my friend, Ann, who was my roomie. She and I had a chance to meet up with three other Kaz moms and it was a wonderful time - I'm SO glad we went down early enough to see them all!

Balancing work, home, and school has been tough at times. Andrew is so supportive and I love that he gets to do school with the kids one morning a week! I think I'm still working on how to make everything work effectively but it's gotten better.

Spring soccer kicked off today and we had two VERY excited little boys! This month also marks the month that I will be come an aunt for the first time - I can't wait to meet my nephew! And the boys will have a cousin which they are quite thrilled about; though the whole process has brought up a number of questions since obviously babies come to families in different ways - and it's definitely a different process for our family. :)

Well, just thought I should at least write something. It's been a full first part of the year and we are looking forward to the warm weather. If any of you still stop by my little corner of the web - thank you! I have a feeling I'll be back more frequently soon - I miss blogging so much!  

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liz nelson said...

can't wait for you to meet your nephew too!:)
i need to come watch the boys play soccer sometime. i'm sure it is adorable.:)