Friday, April 29, 2011


If you know me IRL, you probably already know that I became an aunt this week. Yep, for the very first time. Sweet little Max entered the world on Monday and he is adorable! My sister is a champ - pretty sure the birth and unplanned c-section weren't quite what she had in mind. I am just thrilled to have a nephew and thrilled that our boys have a cousin. I have fantastic memories with my cousins and still enjoy spending time with them (I have 14 cousins).

On Wednesday, I took the boys up for a short visit to meet Max - we made a stop on the way so they could each pick a little gift for him and we got a couple of balloons as well. They were SO excited to meet him and were all instantly in love with him. Titus told me repeatedly after we left that, "Max tute." (cute). He (Ty) didn't stop smiling the whole time. All three of them clamored to hold him and gave him sweet kisses when we left. Melted my heart. Max has been the topic of many conversations this week and the most viewed photos on my phone.

Welcome to the family, Max! We love you!

 (More pictures to come...blogger is SO SLOW tonight!!!)


Henry's mom said...

Max is BEAUTIFUL! Your boys look so happy holding him and I am sure trilled to have a new cousin! Being an Aunt is so special, enjoy!


liz nelson said...

It was so fun to see the boys meet Max.:) They were adorable to him. Titus seemed pretty surprised that that was the baby that had been in my tummy.:)

Margaret said...

Cute! You should put up more pictures. :)