Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cleft Team Appointment

Tomorrow Calvin has a full team appointment in Chicago - it's a long (exhausting) day with lots of specialists. We leave super early in the morning and get back late. I think we will be told that he needs more speech therapy (which I am trying to figure out) and that he is having significant hearing issues. We've noticed a rapid decline in hearing and therefore enunciation and speech progress since March. It's tough - tough to see him struggle, tough that he realizes and is frustrated, and tough that I can't just make it better. Oh how I wish I could take it away for him. But he is a strong kiddo, a fighter.

So we will trek north, enjoy the time together, eat some fun snacks, and find out what the next steps will be on this journey. I'm thankful to be on this journey with him - cheering him on, helping him understand, loving him through, and reminding him that he is a great and handsome little boy. I can't help but be proud of him - the grace, the strength, and the determination.

God knew we belonged together and God created a way for him to be a part of our family through his clefts - what a blessing!


Anonymous said...

Hope it all goes well tomorrow and you find the answers you need. AND I hope you have a fun day with c. :)


John said...

I hope all goes well. Those days are long but it is amaing how tought kids with a cleft are. Are you able to get speach through your school district even though you are homeschooling? Does he have tubes? When Isaac's come out I almost always can tell because his behavior drasticly changes.

Amy K said...

Before I read your last sentence I thought the same thing. God has equipped you to be the perfect mom for Calvin. I know He has a special plans to use Calvin. We will pray that the hearing issues get resolved--that has to be very trying!