Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Spinning Tires

Do you ever find yourself struggling with the same things over and over again? I wonder why I keep coming back to the same things. I wish I could just learn how to manage everything and move on! :) Seriously!

I'm already working on planning school for next year - for the whole year. I have to, I need the organization, I need the plan... It won't go perfectly as planned and I'm sure I will re-evaluate and plan throughout the year but knowing that there is an organized plan makes me so happy and relieved!

So you probably guessed that I'm still working on organization. I have had to embrace (or at least accept) that life with three active (and absolutely wonderful!) boys needs flexibility and that things are definitely NOT going to go exactly as planned at least some, okay, most of the time. It's okay, I'm getting there - on the accepting and the flexing that is. And I'm constantly seeking to train them in responsibility balanced with lots some fun. :)

Being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding job. Many days I feel like I fail more than succeed. But the sweet smiling faces, the contrite apologies, the hugs and kisses, and the love make everything worth it. I think I've grown more as a person since becoming a mom than ever before and it's super humbling to have to apologize to my kids when I have failed. Together we learn and strive and grow. We love each other more. They tolerate my crazy (and sometimes irrational) need for organization and I love them for it!

Everyone in different directions - lots of fun, lots of crazy! :)
 So I continue to work towards some of my goals, let go of others, and spend more time with my beautiful family. 


Karon and John said...

Hey, If you want to see a curriculum map I am happy to share with you what I use for my 6th grade science class. I know it won't apply for what you are doing, but the template/format might help. I use mine to create a general calender to budget my time for the year. It is by no means set in stone, but just the skeleton.

Alaina said...

I would love that, Karon! Thanks!