Sunday, June 19, 2011

These Things Must Be Recorded

Two things should be noted:

1) Patrick taught himself to whistle a couple of weeks ago - I am quite impressed. He LOVES it and honestly, I think having something that only he can do has been great for him!

2) The crib is officially down. Titus was happy to make the switch and would have done it sooner but I wasn't quite ready... :) I'm actually okay with it.

And incidentally, Calvin has increased his prayers for a baby for our family. :) I'm definitely not sure how I feel about that, though we are open to God's leading! He has been advocating for quite some time with the support of Patrick and with the opposition of Titus.

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Karon and John said...

That is funny. Emerson often tells me he wants three brothers and Isaac wants nothing to do with it. I keep telling them we can get a dog and name it brother.