Thursday, July 17, 2014

On #4

#4 has turned our world upside down. I was a boy mom and totally unprepared for the drama, attitude, craziness, and joy that comes with girls. I love having both genders! Emmi is a spicy girl...of course, we continued our tradition of non-laid back kids. :) She is on the go, talks all the time, and is a delight. Her toys, fashion sense, and sense of responsibility are quite different than her big brothers. And my word, she has them WRAPPED. She could tell them to fly to the moon and I'm pretty sure they would try. I am loving the hair bows and dresses and shoes and accessories. She asked her dad the other day if she could "buy happy snowman bows" to match a dress - he readily agreed and she poured over the options before choosing two from Etsy. She is now anxiously awaiting their arrival in the mail.

She wears me out with her energy and then gives me limitless energy with her hugs, snuggles, "I love yous," and declarations of "my mommy." She is happy, well-adjusted, and growing like a weed. She made it into 3T clothes in the late spring though she is still super skinny with very little behind. She potty trained in February and we are once again diaper free (HOORAY!). Her language acquisition has shocked me and though she still leaves the endings off many words, she talks in sentences and we understand most of what she says. 

Emmi makes friends easily, loves people, is a dedicated follower of Titus, and loyal defender of our family. She seems to somehow understand what family means and to embrace it. We feel like she has always been with us and yet it's just shy of 18 months. So thankful for this sweet addition who cracks us up, keeps things extra lively, and teaches me daily. 

 With one of her best friends ever, her cousin, Max.

 The doll thing is so sweet - I loved my dolls!

 First trip to the beach - she had the best time!

 Orneriness personified.

 She continues to be a huge water bug with little fear.

 Pink and purple are so cliche, but they are her favorites of her own accord.

 She feels amazing when she accessorizes.

 She loves Pippi so much.

 Art Projects are so much fun until you get your hands messy.

The Fab Four - yep, that look is one we've seen a little more recently...yikes.

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Courtney said...

She is adorable. Glad she adding a little spice to the boy tribe. I am sure those would do anything to protect her.