Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Life Update

My poor neglected blog. I so often think of when I had the time and energy to write on a regular basis and miss it!

Life...good things, hard things, different things...

E has been home for almost 18 months. She is doing incredibly well, loves being the baby of the family, and always has something to say. She is sassy, sweet, stubborn, and smart. Her fashion sense is hilarious. It is so different having a girl! I'm enjoying almost every minute. :)

The big boys will be 4th graders this year which I find impossible to believe. I cannot possible be old enough to have 9 year olds, right?! (Don't answer that. :)) They will be attending an online, private, classical, Christian school this fall - it will be a quite a change and I think we are all nervous and excited about it. The boys are also getting ready for their first 4-H fair and I'm having flashbacks to judging week when I was a kid - so much to do!

T will be in kindergarten and he cannot wait. I'm looking forward to our time learning together this fall. He is super athletic, loves numbers, and still has time for cuddles with mama.

Andrew started a new job this summer - it seems like a great fit and we are so grateful for it.

I'm working one day a week and thankful for the flexibility and opportunity to stay current in my field. I enjoy my patients and really love my office.

As we continue to parent children from hard places, I'm constantly reminded of the need for flexibility, grace, patience, and endurance. It is far from a one-size-fits all parenting - our parenting is different generally and different with the needs of each child. We are incredibly grateful for our support network as we have navigated some tough stuff this year. While we may not abide by "traditional" parenting books and philosophies, we have found great resources and encouragement. We have great days and good days and really bad days. What a growing and maturing process it has been for Andrew and me as we learn more about sacrificial living, sensitivity, and just how to meet the variety of needs! We are so proud of our awesome kids - their overcoming spirit, tenacity, and growth.

We are a family. We stick together. We love each other. We have fun together. We belong together.

I would like to say I will blog more frequently, but time will tell. :) There is plenty to write about - like how we actually briefly considered yurt living, how we lost a dearly loved grandma/great-grandma, how our kids enjoyed their first ocean visit, how we are using our CSA produce, how Andrew keeps me playing fantasy football... So much to say, so little time/energy. Until next time...

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