Thursday, April 13, 2006


So, I’ve been lacking inspiration for good blog material.  No interesting patients (at least none that are, ya know…), no cooking classes, no anecdotes…etc.  Andrew tells me I don’t write enough and I should focus more :) – I keep telling him that I just need some inspiration.  He keeps giving me ideas and well, they just haven’t been what I’m looking for.  Here is a sample of our most recent conversation on this subject:

A:  You haven’t written in a long time.

L (me):  I know, I haven’t been inspired.

A:  I’ve given you a lot of ideas.

L:  Like what?

A:  Like writing about Pippi.

L:  What about her?

A:  You know.

L:  It’s not funny enough or interesting.

A:  Make it interesting.

L:  I can’t, I’m not in the mood.

A:  I think you play your computer game too much and then don’t write.

L:  No, I’m just not inspired.

So, here I am trying to think of something clever or interesting and then suddenly…INSPIRATION!  

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