Monday, April 17, 2006

More Legal Humor

     The ABA Journal’s E-Report each week asks attorneys a question certain to yield humorous results.  Last week the Journal asked for examples of where spell-checking software caused humorous errors.  One of the funniest examples sent in follows.  To read them all, click here.
     “In the early ’80s, even before graduating from high school, I knew I wanted to practice law. To help me get a better understanding of the profession, my father arranged for me to work with a friend of his who had a solo practice and always needed a little help around the office. One day, I was asked to type a pleading he had prepared on behalf of his client involving a property dispute matter. The defendant was named Mr. Fant, a word not recognized by the spell-check program I was using. I mistakenly hit the “replace all” option rather than the “ignore” option. Throughout the brief, the defendant was identified as Mr. Fart. To this day, I consider it a lesson well-learned.”  
     Submitted by Bob James, Tulsa, Okla.

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