Monday, April 17, 2006

Observing Daylight Savings Time: Confusion Reigns

Having lived in states which observe daylight savings time over half my life, making the switch to DST this year was not terribly difficult or confusing.  Unfortunately, the same is not true for many in this great state, which for many years refused to move its clocks forward and back each spring and fall.  Not only is the change confusing for many, but apparently it is not uniformly accepted, either, especially in some counties close to the time zone lines.  I just learned from another attorney in our firm the following interesting fact:


“Amazingly, the Superior Court and the Circuit Court in Winamac are operating on different times.  One Judge is observing EDT and the other is observing CDT.  The industries in the area are a mixed bag.  Officially they’re on CDT, but most folks are not observing it.  So, call ahead.”

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Margaret said...

Daylight savings time makes me do this: >_< (that's a mad face in case you couldn't tell)