Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Jalapeno Hands

I’ve had an unusual medical condition for the past 36 hours, it’s called jalapeno hands.  Sunday, I seeded and chopped 1 jalapeno pepper for some guacamole.  This was not the first time, in fact, two days prior I had chopped at least 2-3 with no ill effects.  I’ve never used gloves though I know they are recommended.  I guess I always felt it was overly cautious.

It started on Sunday evening on the way to church.  I touched my nose and felt a strange burning sensation.  My fingers also seemed abnormal and I touched my thumb to my tongue…burn!  It occurred to me that maybe I hadn’t washed my hands enough after finishing the pepper.  As soon as I arrived at church, I scrubbed my hands and figured all was fine.  Just before heading home, I happened to touch my eye and extreme burning and watering.  It was like my eye was on fire.  

I went home and didn’t notice any other symptoms until I removed my contact lens later that night.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!   After the burning subsided, I washed my hands again and went to bed.  Yesterday, my fingers just hurt, ached, and burned.  It was hard to accomplish anything without pain.  I tried to put my contacts in…even with my left hand, but no way.  I think I’ve burned my eyes at least four times so far.  

Today, my fingers are still burning although they are a little better; I haven’t even attempted the contacts.  The moral of this story is NEVER work with jalapenos without protection – glove, bags, something…  

I guess I’m not the only one who has experienced jalapeno hands although I’m assuming no one experiences this more than once.  Check out these funny stories and you’ll know, I’m telling the truth!  

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catherine said...

That's awful! I hope your eyes and hands are better soon! The link was really funny but in a sad way! I almost made stuffed jalapenos for the dinner Friday and now I'm so glad I didn't because I would never have guessed I'd need gloves. Yikes.