Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Shampoo - or Not

     If you’re anything like me, you come across an interesting article or story and think, I could write an interesting blog entry on or related to that story.  So you save the story or a link to it, and soon forget about it.  But there are some stories that you just can’t forget about, and you just have to write about it.  This is one of those.
     I tend to watch shampoo commercials with merely passing interest.  Pretty hair is nice, and I love Alaina’s hair, but it’s not something I’m much concerned about.  But I have picked up that there is some concern regarding what shampoo does to the hair or the scalp or both.
     It was therefore with no small degree of fascination that I recently read a headline calling on people to stop using shampoo on their hair.  The article actually followed several individuals who went six weeks without using shampoo.  Interestingly, the results were dramatically different.  A few individuals loved it and thought it was an incredible discovery.  Others found the experience terrifying (no, really!) and miserable (you can read the article here).
     One of the most interesting aspects of the article was the way in which it chronicled the individuals’ feelings about themselves, and how significant of a role the appearance or feeling of their hair had upon their thinking and their feelings about themselves as a person, especially for those who had a bad experience.  I guess there really may be something behind the expression, “a bad hair day.”  (And yes! as hard as I know some of you will find it to believe, some people had a very positive experience!)

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