Monday, July 10, 2006

Random (Banana) Thought for the Day

I remember a joke/story in which an older man, in response to someone trying to sell him something he could use in the future, commented, “Sonny, I don’t even buy green bananas!”

On the other end of the ripeness cycle, overripe bananas are a problem. Alaina is more – shall we say – choosy in her willingness to eat them; once brown spots appear, it’s too late. I too prefer bananas at less-ripe stages, but will eat them longer than her.

So what do you do with bananas past their prime? I think the best thing to do with those just slightly past is to make smoothies with them. (Of course, if they’re way past, the only thing to do is make banana bread. Yum!) But here at work I don’t have the blender or other fruit for smoothie option. So the next best thing is to encrust the banana in granola (preferably with raisins). The crunch offsets the ripeness perfectly.

What’s your favorite way of eating no-longer-green (or past your favorite stage) bananas? Let me know in the comments below :)


tom said...

definately w/ Corn Flakes, sugar and milk. :)


between two pieces of peanut covered bread! Yum!

tom said...

oops, I mean peanut-butter covered bread. Try saying (or apparently typing) that 5 times in a row... :|

Josh said...

Two words: YUCK!....Bananas!

steph said...

well, I'm going to have to go with just not eating over-ripe bananas. However, if it must be done, then mask that awful too-bananay flavor by making banana bread.
I'm with Alaina on this issue, bananas must have green on them. I guess the Judds are a bit of banana snobs. :)

Eddie said...

They need a Smoothie King downtown. I would get a smoothie for lunch every day. mmmmmm Smoothie King

Peter said...

I say,
1. Bannana Bread
2. Smoothie (this one is a close to 1st place because it is so quick and easy to do.

Andrew do you remember how Mom would peel and freeze the banannas and dip them in chocolate? Yumm!

Jeremiah said...

Oatmeal. Really!