Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Calvin has a favorite color. This surprised me! He insisted on having that color of ball in the bath tub and even traded the red one to Patrick so he could have his favorite. I thought that was interesting but didn't think too much of it until dinner time. I gave him his clean sippy cup and removed the old one from his tray...he threw a fit! So, I took the lid of the old one (the same color as his ball) and put it on the new one and he was happy. And I decided that 1) he isn't color blind (not that I really thought that anyway), 2) he really is very particular (we've seen evidence of this before but this confirmed it again), 3) he cares about interesting things (colors at 21 months?!), and 4) he has good taste (it's a really nice color). What color do you suppose it is? :)

Patrick is also particular - about what he wears. His favorite thing is to be allowed to pick out his own clothes from the closet or at least to have a choice between two things. If I tell him to go and pick his clothes, he heads to the closet and searches for whatever is on his level, chooses what he wants, brings it to me, and sits down so I will dress him. You can tell when he feels well-dressed because he will beam from ear-to-ear and look down at his clothes. He loves to be complimented on how nice he looks. Hmmm...I wonder if his clothing interest will last.


Kostaroff said...

It is funny that children are so particular at that age. Ava isn't quite there yet! You are so good at keeping your blog up to date and full of cute stories about the boys! Thanks!

Jen said...

How smart are they?!?!?!

liz said...

man, they are hilarious.:) they are so silly. love you guys.