Thursday, February 15, 2007

Some New Pics

Calvin's favorite color is still yellow - he can't get enough yellow things! He picks out yellow books, yellow cups, yellow balls, and yellow toys. Very funny!

Patrick has been increasingly cuddly which is awesome! I'm absolutely loving it!

The are both looking so grown up these days! They amaze me everyday!


liz said...

i love both of these pictures!:) they are so adorable! i need to come for a visit session.

Jen said...

I can tell they are looking older and they are just so darn CUTE! Ahhhhhh...I wish I lived closer.

EmilyAnne said...

We can't wait to catch up with you in a couple of weeks. Maddie and I enjoy watching your cuties grow. They really do look so grown up in these pictures!

Kostaroff said...

Great pictures! The boys are adorable as always! It was great to see you again this weekend. We are on quite a roll of seeing each other. Hopefully we can keep it up!