Thursday, February 01, 2007

Toy Bins & Cheese

Overheard in the Falk house: "These toy bins are way more fun as seats - who needs to pick up the toys anyway? We're just going to get them ALL out again - why can't Mommy understand that? We show her every day!" :)

Calvin and Patrick are definitely realizing what the camera is for and have very different responses. Calvin has started giving us cheesy looks such as the one below. Patrick stops doing whatever and looks unsmiling at us - also demonstrated below. All of that is making for some interesting photos. We are working hard to take candid ones before they realize and pose themselves.

One of the Cheesy Looks

The Stoic, Obliging Pose


Amy K said...

Very cute - they definitely each have their own distinct personality.

Rebecca said...

How cute! What is it about picture taking that brings out the funnies in kids, either cheesy or serious?

Jen said...

hahahahahahaha...I can totally see Calvin cheesing it up...:)

They look so adorable and I wish I could see them. Next time I see them, they will have grown so much!

Kostaroff said...

Adorable pictures! It was fun hanging out Saturday. I enjoyed seeing the personalities come out of the boys! What a fun family! Thanks again for food and fun. We love you all.