Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mom Life

Sometimes I find myself frustrated with the messy house, the noise level, the bickering, the constant questions and demands but the truth is, I don't wish these years away. I adore being a mom. My kids make me smile and laugh every single day. Even in the midst of stress, challenge, and well, let's face, I wouldn't trade this stage in life. And when one of my sons says, "I love you all around the world lots of times and up to the moon," and another son says, "Mom, come see what I made," and another son flashes his smile and smothers me with kisses, I can't help but wish this time to last forever. Sure, my house feels like a disaster zone, I'm constantly tired, life is busy beyond belief, and we had take-out pizza for dinner one night this week, but it's a good life.

I never want to forget these moments. I treasure them. I want to make more memories. And I want my children to remember these years with joy.


Dan and Kate Ambrose said...

Amen! Couldn't have said it better. Precious times I'd never trade for anything.

Anonymous said...

I love your honesty, Alaina - that sometimes you want to go crazy, and sometimes it's just pure bliss. :)

Andrew said...

It's Daddy's life, too :) I was reminded of this on Saturday in the middle of a very long appointment at the car repair shop. A lift had broken, so it was taking much longer than anticipated to get the oil changed. So the two older boys and I had lunch at a restaurant next door. The oldest said, "Let's talk about Monsters Inc., Dad," and so we did. Why laughter produces more energy in the Monster world than screams, how energy works, what electricity is, etc.

Afterward we returned to the shop and the boys played outside with their paper cars they were given at the restaurant, and then we watched the workers put our car on the lift, rotate the tires, and fix a flat. Of course, I did my best to answer numerous "why" questions. It was a beautiful afternoon, and a great time.

But a comment from a stranger put it all in perspective. Toward the end of our lunch, an older woman came up and spoke to me: "I know this is a busy, harried time of life," she said. "But you enjoy it, and don't take it for granted. I lost my son, but I am so thankful for the time I had with him. Enjoy your boys!"

So while in part I was frustrated by the delay at the shop, it meant I had more time just to talk with and watch my boys. Sometimes delays - and the resulting down time - can be a very good thing.