Saturday, September 03, 2011

And Now He Is 3

Titus turned 3 last month! He was so excited because he really "got" the birthday thing this year. I made cupcakes that were a disasterous flop and so, I changed tactics and let him decorate his own. He was thrilled, I was relieved! :) He wanted everything to be chocolate - a boy after my own heart.

It's hard to believe that we were blessed and surprised with Titus three whole years ago. We remain so thankful that C chose life and that she gave us the honor of being his parents. He has brought all kinds of new adventures and joy to our family.

Titus has grown up so much this year as is inevitable with the changing from toddler-hood to little boyhood. He has embraced this change with much gusto - insisting on keeping up with his brothers in every way. He feels positively left out if he doesn't have school work to complete and asks regularly for "my reading" and "my numbers." :) He is a tiny guy but don't let his size fool you - he can talk your ear off and play a mean game of baseball. He LOVES sports and counts down the days until he is old enough to play soccer.

Dear Titus,

You have grown up so much this year! You insist that you are not a baby - not even my baby - but rather that you are a big boy. Titus, you love to laugh, play jokes, and make others laugh. Sometimes your brothers get frustrated because you want to do everything with them but really, you are good friends with your brothers. :)

This past year, you conquered most of your fear of separation and went to class one morning a week. You had so much fun playing and learning and making new friends. Although you are often shy at first, you actually have a lot to say. You especially enjoyed bringing things for show-and-tell occasionally.

Titus, you have a great memory and work to memorize everything the older boys are memorizing. You also enjoy playing games almost more than anything else. Your favorite games are match games, Cootie, and Cherry-O. You really like to read books - it is so fun reading to you and your brothers. 

You bring so much joy and blessing to your dad, brothers, and me! We can't imagine our family any other way! We think of your first mom and thank God for her - for her choosing life and for her choosing us to be your parents and family. We pray that you continue to grow in grace. We love you so much and we are so thankful for you!

Love forever,

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