Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Top 10

It's probably no surprise that I can get pretty excited about kitchen products. With my love of baking and cooking goes an insane love for all things kitchen...gadgets, dishes, serving ware, cookbooks, you name it! I can get lost for hours in the kitchen section of stores. My idea for building a house is to start with a great big kitchen with lots of storage - my husband thinks maybe we should be a little more balanced in our approach but I digress...

Anyway, I'm hosting a Pampered Chef party next week and it has made me think about the products I love the most. My kitchen is stocked with many of their items and they receive regular use - some almost daily use. Since cooking and baking are a hobby, I use more products than maybe the average home cook but their kitchen basics are awesome for anyone!

So, it seems fitting to offer my top 10 most-used, favorite products:

1.   Chef's Tongs (quite simply, I don't know how I ever got along without them - amazing)

2.   Measure Mix & Pour
(this is for salad dressing - it even includes recipes on the outside - I don't even buy salad dressing anymore)

3.   Stoneware
(I use the flat stones and bar pans ALL the time - things bake more evenly and they are easy to maintain)

4.   Mini Serving Spatula
(the best size for serving just about anything - brownies, cornbread, bars etc. - I had two, one handle broke - I will be getting another one!)

5.   Silicon Basting Brush
(admittedly wasn't sure if I would like this but I LOVE it - easy to clean, no bristles falling out, and even rests on the side of your bowl)

6.   Rubber Scrapers
(you will never buy any other rubber scrapers...the end.)

7.   Bamboo Spoons
(sturdy, perfect shape, really nice)

8.   Twixit! Clip Combo Pack
(keeps everything fresher - they are constantly in use)

9.   Ice Cream Dipper
(makes scooping ice cream so much easier - this might get used more often than it should... :))

10. Easy Read Measuring Cups
(no more bending down to make sure you have the right amount - you can look from the top and (bonus!) they stack inside of each other for easy storage)

HONORABLE MENTION - these items are also favorites and are used constantly - should have made it a top 15!
- 12" Skillet w/lid (heavy duty cookware, great size, use it all the time - the clear glass lid is a really nice feature)
- Garlic Press (no more mincing and getting all of the garlic smell on your hands)
- Citrus Press (gets all of the juice out of your lemons and limes)
- Whisks (both the traditional and mini are great quality - the handle is nicely weighted)
- Microplane (excellent for citrus, hard cheese, nutmeg, ginger root, garlic and more!)

What are your favorite products?


Rochelle said...

I love my tsp/tbsp measuring spoons. I have 2 sets.

Lana Joy said...

I love this! I may just need to make a wishlist that is pretty much identical to this. Someday I will have time again for cooking, which I do, honestly, enjoy. Thanks for this top 10.

liz nelson said...

My list would be pretty similar to yours. They are great products! I use the bamboo spoons all the time! I'm a huge fan of the garlic press too.