Saturday, September 10, 2011

School - Our Second Year

We have begun our second year of homeschooling. In many ways, I still find myself surprised that we have been led down that path. It was unexpected. However, I remain convinced that it is the best choice for us at the moment and overall we are all enjoying it. We continue to take it one year at a time - we re-evaluate and decide each year what is best for each member of the family.

We've chosen a fairly rigorous classical program with lots of memorization and the boys have loved it...well, most of it. :) This year I am teaching for our group classes and it has been so fun! Patrick has taken off with his reading skills and both of the boys enjoy math. We have added several new subjects this year and I am loving the new curriculum. The homeschool convention in March proved to be just what I needed to feel inspired, to branch out from the known, and to challenge me to not underestimate my children. 

This year, Titus is insistent that he be included in school. I put together a bin of school activities for him which he long as I am sitting with him. :) Since he is so motivated, I decided to be a little more structured for him, so we are working on colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. He participates in much of the boys memory program and often wants to "do it by myself." (That independence is a bit of a theme with our three year old. :)) He really likes to work puzzles, read books, play games, and color. Thankfully, he is also learning to play some by himself.

We are all enjoying our Bible program this year and it has provided many opportunities for deep discussions. I have appreciated the opportunity to also talk more about their history and personal stories and the great joy they have brought to our lives. I feel like I can never fully express to them how thankful we are that God chose them to be in our family but they love to hear it and feel that affirmation.

So, I'm happy for the fall - the structure is good for us. I delight in seeing the boys learning and growing and I am trying to treasure these moments and years. It amazes me how much they are growing. As I'm changing out the clothes for the season, I'm reminded again of how quickly the years pass. My heart overflows with love for our sons. Our children. I never get tired of the sound of those words.

I'm excited for this 1st grade year for Calvin & Patrick and pre-k for Titus. I trust we will learn together and challenge one another. Here's to a new school year - always an adventure! 

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