Saturday, August 18, 2012


Calvin came through surgery well yesterday! He was incredibly nervous and incredibly brave. We are so proud of him! He is having some pain but it is being completely managed by over the counter pain meds. He did receive a last minute addition of ear tubes while under anesthesia for the palatal repair.

We very much appreciate all the prayers! We are continuing to pray that the surgery was successful. We should know in about a month. In the mean time, he is on a liquid diet for the next couple of weeks and a soft diet for another two weeks after that. He is being a trooper about it.

I must say, it's easier to reason with a 7 year old than a 2 year old. He is taking responsibility and understands the importance of cooperation. He hated the IV but didn't mess with it. :) It is going to be hard for him to be as inactive as he needs to be - he is supposed to be out of school for a week and avoid gym class for at least 2 weeks. Obviously that isn't a big issue for us but it gives you an idea of the recovery.

We are glad to have it behind us. So grateful for the doctors and nurses at Shriners - they are awesome! We are home, resting, and watching way more tv/movies than anyone should but hey, there has to be a perk to surgery, right?! :) He is in great spirits - laughing a lot and enjoying the undivided attention from us (our other two will be back later tonight).

We are so blessed. We constantly thank God for bringing Calvin into our lives and choosing him to be our son. While he would prefer not to have to deal with a cleft lip and palate, we know that it was influential in him coming to be ours.

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Carolyn Tarpey said...

What a brave a good boy Calvin is! You should be so PROUD of his mature behavior. I imagine not being able to eat is the hardest!

Please let Calvin know that Henry and I are thinking of him and wish him a speedy recovery.

C and H