Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Calvin Update

We are managing here on the home front. I'm thankful to report that Calvin is feeling much better and down to just taking OTC pain meds right before bed. I'm amazed by that. He is almost back to himself. These are all good things but require vigilance in making sure he is not overdoing it and keeping him restful as he heals. He is also (already) not thrilled with the liquid diet. He is a trooper and I do appreciate that I can reason with him. He despises the mouth rinse he must use (he can't brush his teeth) but endures. All in all, he has been a great patient and understands the importance of all the limitations.

We have been incredibly blessed by several of our friends bringing meals for the week - it has relieved much stress as we navigate this post-surgery!

The other boys have really struggled - especially T. It has made this week challenging. Thankfully, they have had a couple of days of activities away from home which keeps Calvin quieter, gives them something special to do, and allows me to get some things done. I do find that my patience is a little thin by the evening.

We are really just thankful for how well Calvin is doing - I honestly can't imagine going through the surgeries that he has. He maintains a great attitude despite not really liking the limits. We are all hanging in there even though we are exhausted. We continue to pray for healing and for understanding for the other two. They missed Calvin while he was away and don't like that he can't do everything with them. Warms my mama's heart to see the love and attachment between my sons.

Thanks for praying, checking in with us, sending cards, and bringing meals. You have blessed our family very much! 

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BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Glad to hear Calvin is feeling better. I hope you're doing well too.