Monday, May 15, 2006

A Little Respect, Please...

It’s official…I am now a precinct committeeman (woman, whatever!).  My first official act of business was to appoint Andrew my vice-precinct committeeman.  On Saturday, I was named to the position by the Chairman of the Hendricks County Republican Party.

My youngest sister thinks this is not a good thing and that I should not succumb to a mainstream party but should become a Libertarian (I explained that this was not possible as I don’t agree with them on some very important issues) or an Independent.  I informed her that I was going to try and make a difference in the GOP by helping plan the best political events & parties ever! (JK)  

Anyway, I will be up for election in May 2008 so I have a couple years to plan my campaign strategy for this obviously highly coveted office. :)  I serve in Lincoln Township.  So, if you want to work the polls, pass out literature, meet the candidates (okay, not yet), register voters, vote as a deceased person so you can vote more times :), or anything else political, let me know.  I get my ideas from Julia Carson…now that’s a real-life political heroine for today. :)

Seriously though, I look forward to serving the county in this way.  This is my return to politics after several years of nothing…oh, I did vote sometimes. :)    


Catherine said...

Very cool! Welll, not the taking ideas from Sister Julia part, but the being a precinct committeewoman part! Best of luck for changing the GOP from the inside.

Jen said...


(I am currently singing the song in my office for you)


(what you you know I've got...what you you know I've got it...)

Josh said...

Way to go Alaina! I seem to keep on coming back to the idea that it's better to fix a problem by being a part of the cure and means that you better the GOP by being a part of it.

And unfortunately, I've stolen some of my ideas from Sister Julia too. I hate to admit it. I really....really do.

steph said...

while I admire you for taking part in your chosen party, I still contend that you're a little crazy for taking this on.
More power to you sister! :)

Rebecca said...

Way to go Alaina! :)

Kevin & Amy said...

That's great Alaina! You inspire me with all your energy! (I think maybe once upon a time I had energy like that but I don't know what happened.) You will do a great job! I think it's very important for conservatives to be a part of the GOP to influence it to uphold family values.

Margaret said...

Alaina, it's not so much that I agree with the Libertarians. It would be more of staging a resistance to be a member of their party or an Independent party. Obviously you're not going to do much, but you would be resisting the Republican/Democratic follies. That's my two cents, but I'm very happy that you're doing something you want to do. I will support you in this endeavor in any way I can that doesn't go against my political values (or devalues ;) Haha, love you lots.

Josh said...

I disagree that being a precinct committeeman doesn't do much. After spending time working for certain county's GOP party (county shall remain nameless), the precinct committeemen can/should do a lot. They hold the keys to the party, whether we like to believe it or not. And I think the recent primary elections here in Indiana prove that when the true conservatives in the party come out and vote, we can get rid of anybody...even the most seasoned and moderate of so-called Republicans. I guarentee you we are seeing a move to more conservatism in our party and possibly the state. Maybe not in leadership (not yet anyway), but trust me, it's happening.

Sorry about the passionate response, but politics is what I do and I'm willing to make my party better in the effort to make our state and our nation better....politically. I wouldn't blame anybody for ditching the Republican party, but we turn our backs on the party (which I have considered) and we lose ground, or we get our acts in gear and work for change within our party. Props to Alaina.

Not a sermon, just a thought.