Saturday, May 13, 2006

What I Missed Last Night

Yesterday (Thursday) my firm had oral arguments all day. Three attorneys from our office plus two co-counsel from California argued for our firm, plus several more attorneys, myself included, attended and helped with the arguments. When it was finally complete, several of us discussed our reflections and reactions from the day over drinks and peanuts. I stayed as long as most of the attorneys, but three - G. and the two California co-counsel - were still talking when I left to come home for Bible Study with the high school kids.

This morning G. told me I missed quite the dinner last night. It turns out that after I left, he and our California co-counsel were joined by an old friend of G from Colorado. They went to a fancy steak restaurant for dinner, and here this old friend picked up the whole tab, three fine bottles of wine and steaks all around. They went to a jazz bar and then an Irish pub, all courtesy of the old friend. I guess it was quite a good time, and I instantly wished I could have gone with them.

But then, as I thought about it more, I'm very thankful I was where I was. As the eight young people and Alaina could tell you, I was rather excited last night about the passage we were discussing (as well as the insights the kids had, too!). Hyper, even, some might say. On fire for God's Word, I hope. But what a delightful evening it was here. I tell the kids often how much we enjoy having them here and discussing the Word and life with them, and it was as terrific as always last night. We laughed a lot, too, sharing jokes and I know not what all.

Afterwards we played some games, including one Alaina's grandparents taught us and which has become a favorite of mine and several of the young people. It was so much fun, and in the midst of it, something happened that got us all laughing; I laughed so hard my chest hurt. (I’ll spare the details to prevent embarrassment :)

After the stress of this week drafting briefs, preparing for oral arguments, and sitting through them, I can't imagine anything which was better for me than the time in the Word and playing games (and laughing) with these incredible young people!


Jen said...

Ahh thanks Andrew, I am so happy that you love spending time with us more than with your co-workers... errr I mean that you had a good time. I think that was the best Bible Study yet :)
Got to love random outbursts of laughter that gets you in the chest ;)

steph said...

well Andrew, I'm still trying to figure out how we can start a booming business so we don't have to work like we do now. :)