Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Say What?

What’s in a name?  This age old question has presented itself to countless people in every generation.  And still we ponder.  As our “due date” approaches, Andrew and I have been going back and forth on names.  Last night, we resorted to the internet in search of Russian and Kazakh names (we intend for one of their names to be from that area of the world).  We selected random girls names and random boys names.  There are many, many, many names that should never be used. :)

We came across this name: Diarrea.  We both started laughing but I quickly assured Andrew that it must be pronounced Dee-Aria.  It is Greek in origin and Andrew’s boss is of Greek descent so he sent an e-mail to Greg asking for the pronunciation etc.  Andrew received a response that unfortunately did not confirm my assurances…rather it is pronounced exactly as it looks.  Greg advised us not to use this name.  We, however, are intrigued…does anyone actually have this name here in the U.S.?

Alas, our search has ended for now.  And don’t worry, the name Diarrea hasn’t made our short list. :)


Kevin & Amy said...

LOL. :)

Yes, choosing a name is very hard. And, when you finally find the one (or two) that you like, your spouse decides they DON'T like that so much. It's exhausting trying to find a name. And, I always felt like it was a lot of responsibility too! What if they don't like their name when they grow up?

But, don't think about that right now.

Catherine said...

I can guarantee that your baby will grow up very very angry if you name her Diarrea! Don't be cruel and unusual parents! :) But whenever she cops an attitude you can always say "hey, Miss Thing, you're just lucky we didn't name you Diarrea" and she will snap out of it. :)

Rebecca said...

It's exciting to actually get to the short list name time. I'm always a little intimidated about picking a name for good, hoping they won't hate us in 30 years.

steph said...

how is it possible that there are names worse than Cordie-Cordie and Honoria? :)

Micah & Brad said...

Wow! I just have to say that I love to look on your blog and see that you've posted something new! Every time, it means a really good laugh for me. You are SO funny, and this post was no exception! Please do NOT name one of your children that :), and keep the stories coming!!! (I really do hope you keep a journal! Your children would love to look back on it one day!)

Anonymous said...

We certainly can commiserate. We're still not settled on names, either. And after three children, we're running out of options we like!

Michael (and Heather)