Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Three Weeks in Heat

Well, as you can tell we have much to say; we should have started a blog much sooner! Actually, the three previous posts are all by Andrew, so here’s my two cents for today.

The past three weeks in our household have been, shall we say, interesting. Our adorable 8 month old, 7 lb. puppy, Pippi, has been the center of attention. This is not new, but the reason is new.

Three weeks ago, we (meaning Andrew :) instructed by Alaina) rushed Pippi to the vet with some unusual symptoms. Andrew returned home less than 1 hour later with the full report…Pippi was in heat. The vet did not charge for this appointment and we felt like rather stupid pet owners for not knowing or even suspecting this. The vet suggested that we might want to buy some diapers for her but didn’t elaborate. Andrew, already feeling a bit embarassed, didn’t ask anymore questions. He thought perhaps the diapers were to keep other dogs away from her; so we decided to postpone the purchase…after all, she is always indoors or out on a leash. The next evening at our small New Year’s Eve gathering we began to realize why the vet recommended diapers. If you don’t know why, please ask your parents. :)

To fast forward, the past three weeks have been full of barking, grumpiness, increased awareness of other dogs, and other untoward activities that cannot be discussed…all we can say is that some toys will be thrown away. :) The most unexpected or unusual side effect has been the hot flashes. You may question this, but we know what we are talking about. Precisely one hour after the lights are out and Pippi is settled under the covers in her usual spot, I will awaken to a flurry of activity as she desperately struggles to surface from under the sheets. She makes her way out and stands on the bed with her body burning up. She walks around the bed a few times before settling down on the top of the bedspread. This never happened before the heat!

Anyway, Pippi has seemed a bit confused by it all and frankly, we didn’t think she was quite ready for the talk. After all, she’s so young! We’ve been a bit confused as well and even went so far as to hire a dog sitter so we could head to Brown County for a weekend. :) You may wonder why we haven’t had her spayed yet. Well, please know that I’m working on that but Andrew still wants puppies. We’ll see.

The links are Andrew’s contribution. Please ignore the cute puppy pictures and tell him what a bad idea puppies are. :)


Jen said...

hahahahahaha...Alaina....THAT was funny. Yes female dogs do have PMS!!! ;) Oh and good call on delaying "the talk", she is too young, you don't want her in therapy for the rest of her life.

Yeah I don't think you want puppies especially with the possibiliby of little kids running around will have your hand full. :)

Rebecca said...

How funny....Poor Pippi, growing up so fast. :)

Kevin & Amy said...

LOL. How funny is that!!

And, I have to say I'm on Andrew's side when it comes to the puppy idea. You don't have to become a life-long breeder but it would be fun to try just once, don't you think?

I'm glad you guys have joined the blogging world. YAY!!

Micah & Brad said...

Alaina, you are SO FUNNY!!! That was hilarious!! Thanks so much for the great laugh this morning! AND, I didn't know you got a puppy!!!!! That is great!!! I want one so badly!!!!! (But, NO, NO, NO!!!! Andrew, don't even think that if you breed I will take one ;o).

tom said...

I think it's hilarious how you guys are "tag-teaming" your blog! Too funny! Andrew, you know you're my bro, right? Well, I have to side with Alaina on the "to spayed or not to spayed" question! We had our cat (spayed or neutered, can't remember which applies to females) when she started running around the house meowing at the moon in this deep gutteral...nevermind, you get the idea! Well, I think we were doing her a favor! She doesn't get out much, so her chance of meeting "the one" are pretty limited. Since she's been (spayed or neutered), she seems to have lost those...lonely...moments. :)

Margaret said...

Awww, but puppies....come on guys....they're adorable.

Jen said...

Heya welcome welcome... I guess maybe I can still get a spot as the most behind fan. :)
Puppies. Hehehe... I say Pippi is cute enough on her own. :)