Saturday, December 02, 2006


Last night we took the boys out with our friends, Derek and Sarah. We originally planned to have them over but due to a power outage, that didn’t work out. So we went to O’Charleys. The boys were fantastic!!! We were so proud of them. They sat for 2 ½ hours contentedly. They ate well – loved the mac ‘n cheese and fruit. We had such a good time.

Our kids constantly amaze us with how well they have adjusted and how well behaved they are. They make us look good as parents but really…they came that way! We are really enjoying being Mommy & Daddy to the two greatest boys in the whole world. We feel so incredibly blessed by God and know Calvin and Patrick are gifts from Him.

Today, a couple of friends from church threw a shower for us. It was very nice. I was overwhelmed by the many gifts but more than that the wonderful people there who have helped welcome our newest family members. Both Andrew and I had extended family come which meant so much. The boys stayed home with Daddy so it was a morning out for me but they have been enjoying their new things since I brought them home.

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liz said...

we really enjoyed watching the boys and spending time with them today. they are so cute and fun!:) i can't wait til i can see them more often... love all of you!