Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Brief One

Well we've had a demand for an update and it has been awhile, so here’s a brief one…

We are busily preparing for the holidays and specifically our Open House.
Calvin is in the Christmas spirit as evidenced by this picture:

Patrick wouldn’t participate in these festivities but here’s a cute one of him:

The boys are doing great, continuing to adjust well. We feel like they have always been with us. They are starting to actually enjoy each other which is exciting to see. We are loving being a family and looking forward to our first Christmas together.


steph said...

oh so cute!!! I cannot imagine life without them. :)

liz said...

yay! thanks for the update!:) those pictures are adorable. love you all.

Anonymous said...

Those pics are precious!!! My friend was over the other day and was looking at your announcement, and she said, "Wow! Those are cute boys!" :)

Great job on the announcement and your Christmas letter, by the way!!!

Wes and Rita Tillett said...

Sorry we missed your openhouse. Wes was sick pretty much all week. I hope it was wonderful. Your children are beautiful. Christmastime should be very exciting for you this year with new litle eyes to see it through.


Michelle B:-) said...

p.s. it's been almost a week since we had new pics or post on your life;-) Merry Christmas...see you Sunday!