Friday, December 22, 2006

Different Generation

We recently realized how far technology has come and how different it is even from when we were kids. We are completely amazed at the boys' ability to immediately understand the purpose of phones and to put that knowledge to use. They love it!!!

Looks like pretty intense conversations, huh?! This kept them (and us) entertained until dinner. :)


Great Grandma Judd said...

How cute! They are probably telling each other that they have a great Daddy and Mommy,and what's Christmas all about. It seems exciting. We are so blessed to have a happy home.

liz said...

this was absolutely hilarious. i'm so glad i was actually there to see this adorableness.:) we should have been video-taping. they are too cute! see you tomorrow!:) well, actually in a few short hours... i should probably be in bed and asleep right now...:)