Monday, January 29, 2007

Our Crazy Boys

Patrick insists on wearing one pant leg up - only with this particular pair of pants. If we pull it back down, he shoves it back up. He also decided that one of his pairs of shoes needs to have the velcro undone - only on one shoe...he fixes it after we put them on. We aren't really sure what this means...any ideas?

The boys love their hats and coats - mostly because they love to go "bye-bye." But they also enjoy dressing up with them.

Calvin put his own hat case you wondered.

Patrick actually started the dressing up - he really wanted the mittens on and of course, Calvin had to have them too.

Maybe we keep the thermostat set a little low?


Andrew F. said...

As will become clear when they ask for their hats and gloves this summer, I think their actions speak more to their love of going "bye-bye" and wearing cool stuff than a comment on the thermostat setting :)

Moreover, I'm not sure younger kids understand the correlation between hot and cold and what is necessary to regulate body temperature; I can remember telling my parents that I wanted to run around the park one blistering afternoon, thinking that would make me cooler, when it would have only made me hotter! (And no, I could not run fast enough to make the “wind-chill” more than compensate for the exercise-induced heat!)

Micah said...

I wish we could all watch the Super Bowl together this year!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!

Micah said...

Patrick is quite a trend-setter I would say :).

If I had a hat like Calvin's, I would want to wear it all the time too!! That is so cute!!! Kathryn loves to go bye-bye too :)

Brad and I were just talking yesterday about when we might come home again! We haven't been home since T-giving! I will definately let you know as soon as we decide on something so we can get together!

Amy K said...

Meredith has her own getting-dressed quirks too and is starting to get very opinionated about things. It's probably just this age, where the kids are wanting more control.

Maybe Patrick likes to leave one shoe un-velcroed so that he can contribute to getting himself dressed? Maybe it's an independence thing?

I should have been a child psychologist, I know.