Thursday, March 29, 2007

Larger Pictures

This post could be entitled “Blogging Woes II.” I have been trying to figure out why when we post pictures, sometimes you can click on the photo and see it larger (in a new window) and why sometimes you cannot.

For example, the cool house on the rock photo post last night cannot be enlarged. But the “nail house” ones, and the “dishwasher photos” (scroll down) can be enlarged. Click them each and see for yourself.

I loaded them exactly the same way. It’s not a size issue - there is no significant difference there. I just cannot figure it out, and it really bugs me, especially because the house on the rock has details you can’t see in this small view.

Can anyone out there explain this and help me out? I would be very grateful.


Micah & Brad said...

I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FIGURE THIS OUT FOREVER!!! It drives me CRAZY! I'll be checking back often to see if anyone offers you any help :)

Jeff and Abbey Land said...

Use the new online version of Picasa, you can upload them there, and then when you click on it, it will show the entire album.