Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Almost-Two-Year-Old

You might think the list below is an exhaustive review of the significant thoughts passing through my head today. But no. After viewing our boys’ blog and seeing that Calvin is about to turn two, a co-worker asked how it felt to be a father of a two-year old. I said I couldn’t believe he was that old.

What I didn’t say, but thought and felt, was that I sure wished I could have been his dad for longer, for more of those early months. But how happy I am that he is ours now! He played very well with Isabel and little Tom tonight at Sawyers, and was so cute almost falling asleep on the way home. What a precious little guy!

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Life is What you Make of It said...

I know I cannot understand that feeling, but know this - you have him and will be a part of his life (both of them. . . ) for so many many years to come. - Heather