Wednesday, March 28, 2007

On My Mind

Our minds are incredible things. Organs, I guess. Not muscles, definitely: if one’s mind were a muscle, it would either snap from exhaustion or explode our skull from growth due to constant exercise.

I have been thinking about the way our minds work the last day or two, and most recently as I thought back over my day a few minutes ago. As I prepared for work and did a few things in the kitchen this morning, I was thinking about billing hours at work and wondering how many I’d get in during the day . . . driving to work, I laughed as I recalled the guy I’d seen the last two evenings on my way home, sitting on the handle-bars of his bicycle, backwards – and riding no hands – how did he do that? I considered the water in Eagle Creek Reservoir – sometimes it looks so muddy, but I believe we get our drinking water from it (not directly, but still…). All the while, stanzas from Psalm 43 are flowing through my head, which makes me think about the Psalm meditation I had this last Lord’s Day evening (I wasn’t happy with it), but what a beautiful day it is!

Once at work, a few of these things were still mulling around in my mind, plus immediately many new facts, questions, and strategies flooded that already busy ‘thing.’ A few samples: Where should I look and what search terms should I use to find that perfect “smoking gun” document to help us win a multi-million dollar case? What caselaw do I need to find to defeat this pending motion? What a clever ad on this webpage; I wonder who thought of that?! Which projects should I tackle first? How should I sort through and narrow down these 1700 documents to find the most helpful ones for my case? Should I go out to eat with the other associates or work through my lunch? When we design our dream house, how can I fit more usable space and fun little retreats/nooks into it? What should I say to Alaina when she calls and the boys are upset in the background? What in the world is a concrete slump test? If I have time to read tonight, which book will I delve into first? And finally, am I going to make it home in time for dinner?

And so it goes. My mind, I mean, and yours too. What an incredible gift God gave us! And how fun to explore the rabbit trails it takes us on!

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