Friday, May 25, 2007

Patrick Murat Rudolph

A brief look at Patrick's interests and skills.
Aspiring Golfer

Resident Charmer - who can resist those eyes?

Great helper - he mows the lawn almost daily!

Animal lover - this blow-up giraffe took up residence with him in his playhouse.
Patrick's favorite:
Snack - Goldfish crackers
Animal - dog (giraffes are a close 2nd)
Food - chocolate (but not a fan of sweets in general)
Movie - Monster's Inc.
TV Program - Sesame Street
Song - Jesus Loves Me or Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World
Book - Hmm, still deciding
Color - Blue or Red
Character - Elmo
Outdoor Activity - Mowing
Toy - Keys & phones (play or real)


Jen said...

A very adorable capture of your boys.
They are quite the handsome little fellows... gotta love them :)

Micah said...

p.s. Your boys are so adorable. I so wish I could have seen them
:(. They have the most beautiful eyes!

Micah said...

Happy birthday to one really, really great mommy!! Your first, and I'm sure your best one yet :).

I enjoyed being with you so much last weekend. It was just like old times. I wish we could do that every week! Love and miss you...