Monday, May 14, 2007

Reflections on Being a Mom

In honor of my first Mother's Day, I've thought about some of the things I love about being a mom - here's my TOP 10:
10) Dressing them in cute clothes and shopping for them (of course!).

9) Enjoying the way they embrace life and live it fully.

8) Watching them learn.

7) Cuddling in the rocking chair and reading books.

6) Seeing (and hearing) their excitement when they have a new toy or treat or see a dog!

5) Having my nose poked twenty times a day and agreeing that yes, it is still my "no."

4) Smiles - enough said. :)

3) Tickling them and hearing them laugh.

2) Hugs - or hug-a-bugga as we sometimes call it.

1) Kisses - the best kind, sloppy wet and all.

This is definitely not a comprehensive list. :) I'm so thankful that God has entrusted these children to Andrew and me. I am blessed. This has been an amazing year and I look forward to many more wonderful years of being a Mom. Of course this post would not be complete without a couple of pictures - please don't mind this proud mama.


Life is What you Make of It said...

I love Patrick with his sunglasses - the pictures make me smile!

Kim said...

Happy Mother's day(a little late)! What joy to be celebrating your first mother's day! I love your top 10! Your boys are adorable...thanks for sharing.