Friday, May 18, 2007

Surgery & Potty Training

Praise the Lord! We finally have a 1st surgery date - August 28. We will be on a cancellation list if something is available sooner but it's not likely since we are coordinating a couple of different surgeons. We are happy to have a date but disappointed that it is still 3 months away. We really thought we would be on our 2nd surgery by now - God is testing our patience but we trust He knows best. Please pray that Calvin's speech will not be effected too much by the surgery delay - he is trying so hard to talk but we cannot understand very much. This 1st surgery will close the lip - not as helpful for the speech issues. He will receive speech therapy at some point but I'm not sure when in the surgery process.

Okay, I've been really hoping to wait on potty training but we are starting to have some issues with taking diapers off. We've tried various methods of discouraging this - only wearing onesies etc. Calvin seems to mainly do this when he is bored in his crib in the morning or at naptime - it also seems to be a bit of a control issue. Today he undid his brand-new diaper underneath his onesie and in true boy-form - peed out the side (only a little on the diaper). I'm not sure this was actually his plan... It does not seem related to how full the diaper is. Short of getting him up immediately upon hearing him (we are trying to avoid this solution), I'm at a bit of a loss.

Any suggestions? Also, any great potty training books - perhaps specifically geared towards boys? I'm considering trying a couple of days to test his readiness (I'm not convinced he is really ready at all) and then stopping if he's not ready but still working on potty introduction at bathtime, naptime etc. I'm not sure if I want to potty train before surgery - seems like it may complicate his hospital stay and recovery for a number of reasons. Any thoughts on that?

Here's hoping for any advice or insights! Doesn't he look so innocent? :) :)


merle said...

Have dad take them & show how to pee in the tollet they'll get kick
out of it it also makes sound they might like. remmber how dad go's

Amy K said...

I love the glasses on both the boys. They look very Calvin Klein-ish. :)

Good luck with the potty training. I'm obviously no expert but the only advice I've consistently heard from other moms is that it's better to wait until kids are ready and do it in a week than to battle it out for a year or more! I can't wait for the day Meredith is potty trained but I know she's not REALLY ready yet, even though she pretends to like the idea of it from time to time. :)