Monday, June 18, 2007

We Did It!

We had a great time on our first (albeit short) family vacation. Our church was having a campout Friday to Saturday and with our crazy schedules and lack of family time we opted to stay until this morning. It was a great time! My sister & brother-in-law, Liz and Luke, were with us until last night which was alot of fun. The boys loved it and were pretty good though they seemed to think obedience was optional at times. :) Anyway, we will definitely camp with toddlers again - we were so thrilled that it worked!

We love to camp, there's just something about getting back to nature in the midst of our busy lives. The weather was perfect and the state park was beautiful! Seeing the creative, wonderful work of the Lord through His creation is such a good reminder of what an awesome God we serve. And to think, He cares for each of us!

Stay tuned for pictures...

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